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Sunday News Round-Up, Everything is Miscellaneous Edition

June 23, 2013

I’m playing around with a tumblr companion to this site, located at I haven’t fully decided how much effort I can put into it, but I thought I’d copy posts over there, reblog things of interest, and otherwise post quick link items that don’t require much commentary. There may be a few more off-topic sorts of commentary things there as well, like one on my firsthand experience of Paula Deen’s racist waitstaff fantasy.

Recent posts over at Our Bodies Our Blog: WHO Releases Global Report on Health Effects of Violence Against Women; Groundbreaking Study Follows Women Who Underwent Abortions and Those Who Were Turned Away; Single Embryo Transfer Recommended in Most IVF Procedures.

National HIV Testing Day is coming up on June 27th. Find a testing site using the widget here (it doesn’t embed well here).

Transgender Child Care Co-Op – if you’re near Richmond, VA, “TGCC is a Richmond, VA based worker-owned organization of transgender and genderqueer childcare providers. We provide babysitting services to children of all genders, whether they be gender independent, gender questioning, transgender or cisgender.” Yes.

At Feministe, Five things to say to a friend who confides in you that they’ve been sexually assaulted.

The Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network has developed a toolkit for elementary educators on diversity, bullying, and teaching kids respect. I don’t know the org and haven’t read through the toolkit, but I thought there might be some teachers in the audience here who would have a more educated opinion.

A reminder that it’s not just “mean” people who perpetuate rape culture.

Pam’s House Blend is closing up shop.

If you follow OutServe, you might want to check this out.

The Komen Foundation has a new leader. It’s a “take us seriously” and “we care about science” pick. Yeah, we’ll see.

Our Bodies Ourselves is looking for a summer intern. It’s unpaid, but there could potentially be a school credit arrangement.

From the FDA, making Plan B One Step emergency contraception available without a prescription to women and girls of all ages.

Op-ed in the New York Times on needing a legal abortion at 23 weeks.

Several good links over at first the egg.

Via the Center for Reproductive Rights: “The Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit today to block a new Kansas law encompassing 47 pages of unconstitutional restrictions on women’s access to abortion, all designed to discriminate against reproductive health care providers and their patients.”

Abortion Curbs Advance in Texas – more laws that do nothing to increase women’s safety and are just about reducing access to legal abortion.

And a bit of personal news – I’ve started seriously looking into medical library jobs at the associate/assistant director level. If you know of anything coming open, I’d really appreciate hearing about it.

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  1. June 24, 2013 12:18 am

    The fact that we need a “cultural revolution” is illustrate by the attitude of the male generals in the US military when they were confronted in congressional hearings by the female members of congress.

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