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Sunday News Round-Up, OBOS-Style

June 9, 2013

OBOS2011_weblgThis week I’m highlighting some things from Our Bodies Ourselves!

Some recent posts of interest that I have up at the Our Bodies Ourselves blog:
New Developments in OTC Emergency Contraception Court Case
The Obama administration – via the Justice Department – is still appealing the order that emergency contraception be made available to women and girls of all ages without prescription. So far the courts aren’t really going for it, having partially denied a stay pending appeal. Please do carry the appeal as far as you can, Justice Department, so we can have more illogical testimony on the record and more court decisions agreeing that the federal approach to denying EC access has been completely outside the usual procedures and not evidence-based. Go for it.

New Survey on Childbirth Details Experiences, Problems with (some) Hospital-Based Births (and some providers)
Listening to Mothers III is out. Want to know how often U.S. women don’t ask their prenatal care providers questions because the providers make them feel rushed? How often providers use medical terminology they don’t even understand? What factors loomed largest as women chose their providers and hospitals for childbirth? How many women are still reporting having episiotomies or getting their pubic hair shaved at the hospital? Check it out.

Reproductive Justice: The Movement Whose Time Has Come
Some background info and recent media around the concept of reproductive justice, which is much broader and more encompassing of reproductive issues and social justice than just abortion choice.

Campaign Against Gender-Based Hate Speech on Facebook – Activists Win!
Great job over at WAM! and partners in getting Facebook to at least acknowledge that the social networking giant has been largely inactive – despite its own existing policies – in responding to and removing pages that promote violence against women.

What Women Need to Know About Health Care Reform and Insurance Coverage

And here are a few that were written by other contributors and are pretty great:
Supporting Women – At Home and Around the World – Ayesha talks about her journey to and with OBOS, her work as a doula, and her passion for reproductive justice. With a lovely picture of Ayesha and her new baby. 🙂

“Educate Congress” Accomplished: Every Member Now Has a Copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” – Every. member. of. Congress. It’s amazing, and couldn’t have been done without everybody who promoted and contributed to the Educate Congress campaign. You’re amazing.

Adapting “Our Bodies, Ourselves” for Iranian and Vietnamese Women and Girls – OBOS works with local organizations in many countries to create context-sensitive adaptations (not just translations) of the awesome book. This post has news of two new adaptations; learn more about the Global Initiative here.

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