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Video Available from Hearing on Sexual Assault in the Military

June 6, 2013

Video from the Senate Committee Armed Services heard testimony earlier this week on sexual assault in the military, including military leaders as well as representatives from outside groups. The hearings were aired on C-SPAN, and video is archived on that site for viewing, split into 3 parts.

Panel 1 – Lots of questions to a panel of military leaders – I think all of one of them was a woman. Senator Joe Manchin points out, in response to a leader talking about how change should start at the top and responsibility should stay with Commanders, that the problem has been known for more than 20 years and “it’s almost intolerable that we can continue on the current path by allowing the Commanders to be in charge at the level they are.”

Panel 2 – Senator McCaskill says of the military leaders at about 47 minutes in, “It sounds like you all are very bullish on the status quo.” Then, “The status quo is not acceptable.”

Panel 3 – outside experts, includes representatives from Protect Our Defenders and the Service Women’s Action Network. Includes commentary on how victims have completely lost faith in the military justice system, and were threatened with charges of adultery when reporting rape.

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