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Belated Sunday News Round-Up – Monday, Last Day of Vacation-Style

May 13, 2013

Tomorrow I’ll go back to work after being out since Friday, May 3rd. Since that time, I’ve cleaned house for an overnight family guest, prepped and packed for a conference, spent 4 days at or traveling to/from the annual Medical Library Association conference (where I gave a presentation, attended a committee meeting, and served as an official conference blogger, along with various other conference obligations). Then I came home where I updated my resume, looked at job descriptions, worked on a cover letter, wrote the first draft of my next NWHN newsletter article, and had introvert recovery time. I also threw in a quick post on reproductive health content a Terry Pratchett book. Whew. I might still need a vacation.

Although I have been woefully isolated from the news for the past week, some things that have caught my attention:

  • Bears repeating, and imagine how many *men in politics* are completely ignorant of this fact: Half of Women Unaware that Pregnancy Is More Dangerous Than Contraception. These are results released by ACOG from a very small study presented at their annual meeting, so complete methods and data is not available. I’d be interested in the results of a larger study that would also look at public knowledge about the safety of pregnancy vs. abortion (abortion similarly is safer than pregnancy/birth for women).
  • Weld County Board Renews Decision to Ban Plan B at Health Clinics – in Colorado, where people are still completely wrong about how emergency contraception works, but also don’t want to help low-income people afford birth control. *headdesk*
  • First the Egg is announcing a book project on feminist parenting, and is soliciting word-spreading, help, and story-sharing.

    Among the issues to address: “Mainstream parenting culture–and books–make big assumptions about what men and women, boys and girls are like. And what we ought to be like, too. On top of this gender essentialism, most advice about parenting either ignores or participates in heteronormativity, classism, racism, ableism, and the power of commodity culture.”
    So, as is often the case but not always executed in feminism, I think it would be good to get some voices in there that aren’t just secure, middle class, white highly educated feminist perspectives. Seriously.

  • Go here to help out with fundraising for a Queer Women of Color Reproductive Justice event – “Sister Song will host a gathering of LGBTQ Indigenous women and women of color who are leaders in the reproductive justice movement in order to help strengthen a shared vision, build support of peer-leadership, strengthen intersectional movement alignment and develop potential policy agenda action items.”
  • SisterSong is also having a live-streamed symposium on May 22 on “a mother’s right to parent her children.”
  • The judge in the Plan B case has refused to issue a stay delaying over-the-counter emergency contraception access for young women in response to the Department of Justice’s appeal.

    Props to Judge Korman, who is quoted as stating that “If a stay is granted, it will allow the bad-faith, politically motivated decision of Secretary Sebelius, who lacks any medical or scientific expertise, to prevail” and calling the appeal’s argument about women’s confusion both “silly” because the appeal itself creates confusion, and “largely an insult to the intelligence of women.”

  • tumblr_inline_mm4y1ku48a1qz4rgpHaven’t read this, but definitely want to check it out: the Dari Project book, the first bilingual collection of LGBTQ Korean American stories (found via I am Korean American)
  • These Mama’s Day e-cards from Strong Families are amazing.
  • Resource of interest: Native Youth Sexual Health Network
  • James Perry asks, “Is sexism obscuring the cure to American poverty?” – looks at America’s lack of paid pregnancy leave, the wage gap, and argues “Affording women equal rights, fair salaries, maternal support and the right and easy access to reproductive health care will go a long way stemming poverty.”
  • Random media notes: Neil Gaiman did an episode of Doctor Who. The Doctor’s line near the end referring to Clara as a mystery wrapped in a “skirt that’s just a little too tight” just really ruined the episode for me, regardless of its other problems. Too bad that instead of being a companion through whose eyes we can see the Doctor – and someone who is interesting, courageous, clever, and a leader in her own right – Clara is reduced to an object for both the Doctor and the viewer, a mystery to be solved and a skirt open to policing comments by others. Just, no.
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