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Sunday News Round-Up, Conference Then Vacation Edition

April 28, 2013

First up, some recent posts from Our Bodies Our Blog:

Statement on State Legislation Requiring Hospital Admitting Privileges for Physicians Providing Abortion Services – The major U.S. ob/gyn professional association issued a statement specifically opposing laws and regulations requiring hospital admitting privileges for abortion providers, and generally opposing TRAP laws intended to restrict access. I’ve written here about why I think it’s obvious that admitting privileges rules are much more about controlling women than protecting women’s safety.

National DNA Day was celebrated last week, marking the 60th anniversary of Watson and Crick’s landmark paper describing the structure of DNA. In observance, let’s actually remember the role of Rosalind Franklin: The Rosalind Franklin Papers – Profiles in Science from the National Library of Medicine. Also: Rosalind Franklin: Dark Lady of DNA – describes a book that may be of interest on Franklin.

Oh, good grief, more with LEGO? Pro tip: promoting street harassment in stickers for kids is not cool. See this post for a LEGO sticker construction worker with the word bubble, “Hey babe!” *vomits*

Today in “no duh:” More Birth Control Knowledge Equals Less Repeat Pregnancies For Teens

In Missisippi:
Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic Can Stay Open, For Now
But: Mississippi law will regulate abortion-inducing drugs
You know, when I think about where I’d be willing to live to take the next step in my medical librarianship career, I actually automatically crossed Mississippi off the list because I think I’d get too distracted by wanting to do activist work around this. Or just, like, yelling at politicians all day every day.

GOP bill would ban DC abortions after 20 weeks

Fat-Shaming All Around Us – at The Nation

Read more here:

NYTimes interactive graphic on overlapping disease in the elderly.

This is an extremely contentious issue, on American Christian push to adopt from other countries: Is There Really An Orphan Crisis?

Good job, Philadelphia! City of Brotherly Love, indeed! Philadelphia Passes Historic LGBT Health Equality Bill! – “The transgender health provision would make Philly the largest city to remove trans health care coverage exclusions for city employees.”

At Dartmouth, students are protesting the college’s handling of sexual assault. This apparently resulted in their being threatened, both with disciplinary action and by classmates. Classes were canceled. Follow the struggle and background at Real Talk Dartmouth.

AutoStraddle’s Make a Thing series makes me smile. One of those made things is underwear.

Book stuff:
Books on Bisexuality: An Annotated Listing
Queer Books for Griffyndor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. I just…nerdgrin. Via the queer book club tumblr.

Later this week I’m headed to Boston, MA for the annual Medical Library Association conference, where I’m presenting, official conference blogging (covering posters), attending a committee (Government Relations) and a special interest group (Relevant Issues, chair-elect for 2013) meeting. I’ll also get to see a former colleague and lots of other amazing medlibs from around the country, which is always refreshing. So blog posts will be light here, as they have been lately. Then I’m actually taking about a week off work. Woohoo!

Also professionally speaking, I’ve struggled with how to represent the variety of my interests and experiences in a way that integrates both the medlib stuff and the repro health writing/advocacy stuff. Here’s one attempt. If you have feedback or suggestions, I’d love to hear it. It’s a work in progress:

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