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Sunday News Round-Up, OMG the Next Three Weeks Edition

April 14, 2013

First up, some brief comments on Gosnell:
The “care” women received from Dr. Kermit Gosnell is abhorrent. The idea that nobody is covering it is not true, however. It was covered extensively when many details first became known in 2011. Here’s my own post on the issue. It is also not representative of abortion care or even late-term abortion care (which is extremely limited) in this country. A woman is more likely to die from pregnancy than abortion in the United States. There absolutely was a failure to inspect and act on his clinic. That is a failure to do what they were *supposed* to do – and no amount of hospital admitting privileges, wider doorways, or other common “TRAP” laws would have done anything to change it. Preventing all late-term abortions is not the issue, either – they’re already extremely limited, and a total ban is unjust for women who develop severe health complications or whose fetuses are either already dead or would not survive.

Want to see more abortion “care” like Gosnell’s? Continue to ignore women’s sex ed and contraception needs, defunding family planning services, cutting state budgets because “government” is the enemy, and working toward elimination of legal abortion. I guarantee you’ll see more of it. Using Gosnell to further restrict abortion virtually guarantees more cases *just like Gosnell.*

There is no Gosnell coverup: ” If you’ve never heard of the Gosnell story, it’s not because of a coverup by the liberal mainstream media. It’s probably because you failed to pay attention to the copious coverage among pro-choice and feminist journalists, as well as the big news organizations, when the news first broke in 2011.”

Recent posts at Our Bodies Our Blog:
Eating Disorders in Adolescence Can Have a Long Term Effect on Women’s Health – long-term bone effects might cause issues well past the teen years
The Long Political History of Increasing Access to Emergency Contraception – A judge ruled that emergency contraception pills should be available OTC. Sebelius’s “what about 11 year olds?” excuse was always crap. I’m still mad at Obama for supporting that nonsense.

Some other stuff:
Morality and Techie Aesthetics are Not “Health” – Great post from Aunt B – “So, if I fail to be “fit” I’m now fucking it up for the business community? It’s now my fault if the right kind of people, the people we really want and need in Tennessee catch a glimpse of me and decide that I’m too ugly for them to want to live here? I’m ruining the whole fucking state now?” The idea that “fat people” are ruining it for our potential unseen glorious tech takeover of the world! is absurd, when this type of TN nonsense gets national attention.

State Policy Trends 2013: Abortion Bans Move to the Fore

North Dakota Is Determined to Make You Have Your Baby – Dear North Dakota: Please next pass a law requiring parents to provide organs to their own children in need of transplant. Do not let them decide/consent, just force them to have surgery. I’m just saying.

U.S. government moves to ban ‘fake pot’ – You know what else would take care of the “fake pot” problem? Legal pot. Then we could also stop throwing people in jail and disenfranchising them for life for something that’s arguably less harmful than legal alcohol.

Upcoming Healthy People 2020 Webinars: Violence Across the Lifespan and Social Determinants of Health

‘Stop Telling Women to Smile’ Exhibit Opens in Brooklyn. Yeessssss.

I can’t remember if I linked it already, but one of the We Do Campaign couples (Matt and Raymie) applied for a marriage license in the town where I grew up, Morristown, TN. So, you can see images of this liberal librarian’s place of origin, and you’ll be able to guess it’s not a metropolis where LGBTQ people have a lot of community. Their video made me tear up. No, I don’t think marriage equality is *everything,* but I want to hug those babies.

Drawing the impossible? Fully dressed Superheroines – This is pretty great. I need somebody to make me the Black Canary outfit. (I’d also like to drop the “heroines” part. Because I don’t really need that gendering.)

*weekly title: I’m finishing my taxes *today,* have to prepare a conference presentation and travel for an event in a couple of weeks, and am generally stressed. Eep. That’s also why the short update. I think after the conference I’ll take a few days off work! Soothing pictures of adorable kittens or attractive people at Coachella are appreciated.

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