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Over at OBOS: Expanding Abortion Provider Types, and Fertility Clinic Advertising

April 7, 2013

Couple of recent things over at the Our Bodies Ourselves blog:
What’s Wrong With Fertility Clinics and Online Advertising – about the kinds of information on fertility clinic websites, and why it might need better oversight. A version of the article was originally published in The Women’s Health Activist, the newsletter of the National Women’s Health Network, and is republished/adapted with permission. What I wasn’t able to get into for theme/space was the overwhelming whiteness of most of the sites, which I have in mind for a follow-up post here at some point. When these clinics try to present magic miracle baby rewards of signing up with them, they’re almost always visualizing that for potential clients as healthy, smiling white babies.

Study: Expand Abortion Access by Expanding the Types of Professionals Who Can Provide Care – Many states only allow MDs to perform abortions. A new study looks at abortions performed by nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and physician assistants, and finds the safety outcomes fairly comparable to those of more experienced physicians.

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