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Sunday News Round-Up, Awesome Afghan Edition

February 24, 2013

crocheted afghan of squares in greens, blues, reds, purplesI just read through the CDC’s first ever report on interpersonal and sexual violence by sexual orientation, and it’s depressing as hell. I should have more info up at Our Bodies Our Blog this week.

Also at OBOS, I point to the Selling Sickness conference I would have liked to have attended, and we have a guest item on new coverage may spur younger women to use long acting contraceptives.

More forced ultrasound for abortion, this time in Indiana, for medication abortion.

A list of pro-choice films – I’ve seen If These Walls Could Talk and The Education of Shelby Knox, how about you?

More in things we already know – Morning-After Pills Don’t Cause Abortion, Studies Say.

NARAL Pro Choice Wisconsin Reacts to closure of Planned Parenthood Clinics

Further evidence that you don’t actually have to know anything about women’s bodies or reproduction while you’re trying to regulate them (if you’re in government):

The Alabama House of Representatives is expected to vote Tuesday on a bill that would place heavy restrictions on abortion in the state because, according to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin (R), “when a physician removes a child from a woman, that’s the largest organ in a body.”

I just…no. Buy a book. Hell, buy “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” Seriously.

Hysterical Women: A Visual History of the Vibrator at Nerve (found via Feministe)

A nice guide to women’s preventive services under the Affordable Care Act, via the National Women’s Law Center.

Racialicious has Suggestions For The Future: Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition (on cultural appropriation). Womanist Musings also looks at the issue.

Tiger Beatdown covers that gross Audi Super Bowl commercial.

This week’s title comes from the awesome afghan Aunt B of Tiny Cat Pants made for me. 🙂

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