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Sunday News Round-Up – Dolly Parton Flips the Bird Edition

February 10, 2013

Tennessee state Senator Stacey Campfield brought back the “Don’t say gay” bill to forbid teachers from discussing sexualities other than heterosexuality. He was rightfully mocked on the Colbert Report for this and other bills he’s filed. The bill (SB 234) technically forbids discussion of anything “inconsistent with natural human reproduction” – because, you know, all sex results in reproduction and all straight people are capable of reproducing. Worst, though, is that it requires teachers and school counselors who talk to a student who might be questioning their sexuality to notify the parents right away. So, good on you, Campfield, making sure K-8 students potentially get abused and/or kicked out of their homes.

Dolly Parton at a microphone flipping the bird

The only possibly reaction to Stacey Campfield

I understand the sentiment (such as from LeftWingCracker) that paying any attention to Campfield distracts us from real damage our GOP-controlled legislature is doing elsewhere in less noisy ways. But I also think that fostering an environment where it’s okay to encourage counselors to snitch on kids in ways that may physically and psychologically harm them *is* real damage to our state (even if the bill doesn’t pass). Just being out there, these bills tell our vulnerable people what we think of them, and it demands objection.

Tomorrow I’ll have a post up on the forced ultrasound and waiting period bill proposed in Tennessee.

This grosses me out: Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains. The way the article starts out by acting like all mothers and their children exist in some happy bubble of perfect bonding and contentment is also kinda gross.

Hahaha, FoxNews.

Call for submissions to a collection on mothering in conflict areas.

At the Crunk Feminist Collective: Immigration Reform: What Queer & Trans Immigrants & Our Allies Need to Know

New report from the CDC (in the MMWR): Progress in Increasing Breastfeeding and Reducing Racial/Ethnic Differences — United States, 2000–2008 Births

Recent stuff at Our Bodies Our Blog (also see @oboshealth):

Possible elimination of abortion access in North Dakota and South Dakota.

From The Rachel Maddow Show, GOP War on Women Continues to Rage in the States.

At CureThis, something I think is really important:
Mississippi’s last abortion clinic, and the silence of healthcare providers

So, physicians in the state, especially the state’s medical association, which supposedly speaks on behalf of physicians and is vocal about the government not intruding on physicians’ rights and clinical judgment, must be up in arms, right?


There are tons of states where legislatures have or are trying to restrict abortion by intruding on medical practice, by requiring ultrasounds, biased consent, forbidding telemedicine, or other provisions. If doctors want to keep wondering why patients don’t always just trust them and take their word as shiny beacons of highly educated authority, they should remember that we saw them, when they wouldn’t stand up for us, even when not doing so affected their ability to make professional judgments. See Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health for one example of docs actually trying to do something, but these restrictions are many and widespread – individual clinicians in every state could and should be pushing back.

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