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Educate Congress: A Women’s and Reproductive Health Remedy for Ill-Informed Reps

October 24, 2012

OBOS 2011 coverWe have seen plenty of evidence that members of Congress don’t actually know enough to make the decisions they make about women’s bodies. Twice in the last two months, elected officials have made statements about women’s bodies so wrong that a professional ob/gyn organization felt compelled to publicly refute them.

Our Bodies Ourselves is raising funds to send every member of Congress a copy of the 2011 “Our Bodies, Ourselves” book. The Library of Congress selected the original 1971 edition as one of 88 books included in the 2012 Books that Shaped America exhibition. Let’s get the new edition to actual members of Congress via the Educate Congress campaign!

As of this morning, we have about 15% of our modest goal of $25,000 raised, and 56 days left to raise the rest. If you can help, please contribute via the campaign set up on indiegogo. There are some terrific donor appreciation items, too, like “Legitimate Road Trip,” a mixed media comic commemorating the Missouri Sex Ed Road Trip (Aug. 23-24) to deliver “Our Bodies, Ourselves” and other educational books & comics to the offices of Rep. Todd Akin and Sen. Claire McCaskill.

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For updates, follow @OBOShealth and hashtag #OBOScongress on Twitter and OBOS on Facebook, as well as Our Bodies Our Blog.

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  1. October 25, 2012 4:08 pm

    Tell you the truth I’m conflicted about OBOS (Our Bodies, Ourselves) doing this. At the same time I still take everything with a gain of salt because I’m really an progressive independent more then anything else. I hardly follow politics. Especially womens because I found its hard to follow, even when I try to do it and etc.

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