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Sunday News Round-Up, Level 89 Edition

October 14, 2012

Screen shot from within world of warcraft, flying kite. It’s a giant eyeball!

Last week had National Coming Out Day, and Monica at TransGriot talks about how “coming out” is a very different and often much more dangerous situation for transgender people.

LOL Mansplaining Paul Ryan.

Coming soon, the Educate Congress campaign from Our Bodies Ourselves. Wanna guess what we’re up to? 🙂

Recent posts at OBOS: Ryan/Biden Debate: Science, Religion and Women’s Health Questions Never Asked (Christine) and Birth Control Reduces Unintended Pregnancies and Abortions, So Why Do Myths Persist? (me, with a lot of awesome help from C).

Have you all see “Call the Midwife” on PBS yet? I haven’t caught it yet but am interested in checking it out at some point.

Drug laws and “the War on Drugs” in this country are completely f*cked. Example 8 million: Grenade burns sleeping girl as SWAT team raids home. The overzealous cops say they did “plenty of homework” before the raid. Apparently doing “plenty of homework” before a raid does not involve finding out that it’s not even a meth lab, knowing about the two children in the house, or learning how to properly use things that go boom (in a suspected meth lab). We need to treat drugs as a public health issue, not an excuse to abuse, imprison, and steal from our citizens.

Tomorrow is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day. This site helps you find testing near you, with info on type of testing, if it’s free, and other STI tests offered.

Apparently when Wisconsin state Rep. Roger Rivard said that “some girls rape easy” (so he’d heard), what he actually meant was *girls are lying liars who’ll consent to sex then get knocked up then claim rape because girls are both unwilling to assume responsibility and filthy, slutty liars.* He doesn’t seem to realize that “So the way he said it was, ‘Just remember, Roger, some girls, they rape so easy. It may be rape the next morning.'” isn’t actually a ringing endorsement for his lack of misogyny. Uh, you’ll be shocked to learn that Rivard is a Republican.

Info for patients on the fungal meningitis outbreak.

Have you all been following this Scott DesJarlais business? The Republican and anti-choice Tennessee Rep – a doctor – is on tape pressuring a patient he had sex with to get an abortion. No kidding. Caught in this “the only moral abortion is my abortion” hypocrisy, DesJarlais is now claiming that he knew at the time that the woman wasn’t pregnant, he was just trying to get her to say so. Sure.

Completely unrelated, but I’m going to see the band Pearl & the Beard again this week in Nashville. It’s always a fun show, and if you’re in Atlanta, Asheville, or Raleigh, they’re headed your way soon, too. Check ’em out.


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