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Follow the Road Trip! Delivering “Our Bodies, Ourselves” to Rep. Todd Akin

August 24, 2012

My Our Bodies Ourselves co-blogger Christine and a crew of artists from Ladydrawers are on a road trip to Missouri to deliver a copy of the most recent 2011 “Our Bodies, Ourselves” book to Todd “legitimate rape” Akin. Maybe with some accurate women’s health information, we can shut that whole thing down.

More on the trip is at the OBOS blog (see the announcement), with frequent updates on Twitter (#akinroadtrip) and Facebook.

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  1. August 24, 2012 2:32 pm

    XPosted from my comment regarding a earlier entries regarding all of this.

    Yeah to all of this and etc. This is coming from someone whom isn’t on the left or right side persay, spl (spelling), but more in the middle and etc.

    This one is in regards to Our Bodies, Our Votes.

    Why is the feminist movement such a big deal and especially in the US?

    Mean just look at the history of it. Unsure how to explain the history here. Is it possible to make small deal or do away with it? As for I’m still totally unsure regarding of this and etc.

    This isn’t going to be review like the other posts/threads that I have done prior to this one. Instead its going to be more of me questioning certain aspects of their work, mainly in US.

    Do you think that their work is more liberal stance as opposed being neutral or conservative as what claimed it to be? They have always been non for profit (rallies on private donations) as opposed being for profit (rallies commercial donations or something else along those lines, which I have no clue as to what it is/are).

    As for me really never questioned them until now because always looked at their positives as opposed to their negatives. Even though I have most of their books in my collection, but still I’m starting to question their work and etc. Have to say that I found myself more neutral to conservative as opposed to liberal to neutral. My parents are the same way as me, but I’m unsure regarding my sister.

    Think this is it for now.

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