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Over at OBOS: Emergency Contraception Access for Native American Women, Black Women’s Breastfeeding, Health Effects of DES, and More

April 15, 2012

A couple of my recent posts at Our Bodies Our Blog that I want to share:

Sign on to Support Native American Women’s Access to Emergency Contraception – OTC access to emergency contraception is very limited for Native American women through the Indian Health Service. Learn more and sign a petition to enforce access.

DES Action Collecting Information on Health Issues in People Exposed to DES – A DES education and advocacy organization wants to learn more about the health issues faced by women who took DES during pregnancy, and their children and grandchildren. All of those groups are invited to complete a survey.

Breastfeeding in African American Communities – Black women start and continue breastfeeding at lower rates than other women in America. Explore writings about why, see the stats, and get some resources for supporting Black women breastfeeding in this post.

“Pervasive” Problems in Studies Linking Abortion to Mental Health Issues – Last month a journal’s editor criticized a previously published article claiming a link between abortion and bad mental health outcomes, but problems with the literature anti-choice folks use to support this claim go far beyond this one article. Learn more and find out why calling out bad science matters. (Even if sometimes we’re not sure if our legislators know anything at all about science…)

See also Christine’s Health Benefits: What Women Won, and May Lose, in the Supreme Court’s Dark, Dark, Place on healthcare reform and the Supreme Court.

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