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An Update: Tennessee Democrats Don’t Bother to Respond When Republicans Threaten Constituents

February 12, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I sent a letter to various Tennessee state Democratic and Republican leaders asking them to publicly denounce the comments made by state Rep. Richard Floyd, in which he threatened violence against transgender women.

I noted at that time who had received the message (sent Jan 22), and am repeating them now simply to illustrate who has not bothered to respond – which was all of them, Democrat and Republican alike. I would count a dismissive email from a staffer as a response, although I’d probably post that here. Here’s who still couldn’t be bothered:

  • House Speaker Beth Harwell, Republican
  • TN Republican Party Chair Chris Devaney
  • TN Democratic Party Chair Chip Forrester
  • House Democratic Leader Craig Fitzhugh
  • House Republican Leader Gerald McCormick

The silence is deafening. There is something seriously wrong when not one of these folks can manage to state publicly that having our Reps threaten segments of our citizenry is egregious. It’s even worse when it’s the Democrats doing it.

It’s no wonder we keep losing ground on women’s rights in this state, when an explicit threat to harm transgender women doesn’t even merit a strongly worded “this is unacceptable” message, and Dems in charge can’t find a way to spin *explicitly threatening violence against constituents* into an example of dangerous Republican narrow-mindedness they can use for political gain.


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