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Our Bodies Ourselves on NBC Nightly News, and a Nice Review in Ms.

November 6, 2011

Recently, Our Bodies Ourselves was featured on the NBC Nightly News, and there are some great clips – like Susan Love saying, “Our Bodies, Ourselves really set the stage for my whole career.”

Wow. I’ve been meaning to write a summary post of my time in Boston/Cambridge for the OBOS 40th anniversary, and how inspiring it was for me to be around so many fantastic women with so many strong things to say. I left inspired and reenergized. Susan’s commentary reminds me all over again, as does that from some of the other prominent women interviewed for the piece, including OBOS’s own Judy Norsigian. Hearing Brian Williams call it “a groundbreaker, a game changer” makes me pretty proud to be associated with OBOS in my own little way, too. I’ll have to forgive him the “plumbing” intro. 🙂

Posts from Christine with embedded video and commentary:

There was also a nice review from Ms. Magazine recently. I love the end of the review, which again reminds us that OBOS is more than a book:

OBOS is a complete resource–or the closest to one that I can imagine–for women’s health and activism. Not only does the reader find clear, trustworthy information about her body, but also a thorough introduction to the politics of having that body. When you read OBOS, you join a community, one that is growing and changing (as each editions’ increasing thickness testifies to) and that provides the resources to start and keep talking.

OBOS certainly did that for me when I first encountered it, so I’m pretty excited that the new edition may provide that experience for a whole new set of women and girls.

Note: the NBC/MSNBC sites are really iffy about which videos they provide transcripts for. I didn’t see them on the OBOS videos.

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