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Library Day in the Life, Round 6

January 29, 2011

Library Day in the Life” is an annual event in which librarians use Twitter, blog posts, and other avenues to share a bit about their daily work. It’s rather misnamed, as it has now become a week-long observance, but the idea is to better share the variety of services provided by and activities performed by librarians. This week was the 6th observance of LDitL, hence the #libday6 hashtag you may have seen on Twitter this week.

My own #libday6 tweets, in reverse chronological order, and with some notes in brackets:

rachel_w: Yes, you can have food in (certain areas of) this library – someone right now has a loaf of bread & jar of PB, is chowing down. #libday6

rachel_w: Earlier in wk: added items to MLA gov’t relations committee blog, participated in intern’s training verification, project planning #libday6

rachel_w: Talking to biomedical researchers this morning about library tools and services, then some web updates, and more EPC lit search #libday6
[the talk included NIH public access compliance, chat help through Meebo, our installation of the PolyMeta search tool and embedded PubMed search tool, finding e-resources, making online training requests, genetics/biochem assistance, and more]

rachel_w: getting data from into Word table I have to use all the time would be so much easier w/ an @EndNoteBlog filter #libday6
[I asked an EndNote rep about please, please! adding a filter at MLA last May. We still don’t have one. I will keep trying.]

rachel_w: heard from science2.0 online group that important website was down, whois no help, found cached version for info & contacted them. #libday6
[this was the PRISMA Statement site; they responded promptly, and the site is back up]

rachel_w: Today: prepping for Fri talk to researchers on lib resources/services, more work on AHRQ EPC topic triage lit searching. #libday6
[the talk went well – had good audience questions and let people know about many library services that I don’t think they knew how to fully take advantage of]

rachel_w: Yesterday: attended staff CE session where we worked w/ entrez gene, pharmGKB, PubMed & dbSNP to find gene, associated drug effects #libday6
[welcome to the new medical librarianship]

rachel_w: Came in early for great meeting with certified diabetes educators #libday6

rachel_w: Feedback given to one trainee on a learning exercise, still wading through sources for review of a screening/treatment topic #libday6
[can’t really talk about this last one yet, but it *is* a women’s health topic]

rachel_w: now to continue on topic triage work for AHRQ EPC systematic review topic, seeing what lit already exists #libday6

rachel_w: also sent poster made by @knilob for new patient health info service up the chain for approval #libday6
[one of the last things before we launch a new service]

rachel_w: So far: reviewed new colleague’s search strategy work; outlined friday talk to researchers on new library site/resources/services #libday6

Of course, there is more that I was up to in my medical library this week than I chose to or am able to share, but I think you can get the idea. Some things I also did and can share were to attend emergency medicine’s weekly case conference (I’m their librarian at present), provided a trainee with some feedback on her search strategies, met with other trainees about their progress on their learning plans (we have very structured staff training to make sure everybody gets to the same baseline), took some surveys to help inform a colleague’s research, and updated some of our web content on copyright and starting points for funding sources.

Like many other librarians, I also spent at least a minute delighting in this post by Wil Wheaton, “librarians are awesome.”

For a look at what other librarians are up to, check out this list of #libday6 participants and #libday6-tagged tweets.

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  1. January 30, 2011 3:51 pm

    i use to work as a school librrien i use to love it loads its helped me loads for when ive got older because in the big librarys i can find what i want straght away the probelms with librarys is they are starting to disapear everyine thinks the internet has all the ansers books are still really inportant i program and ebooks arnt much use for ebooks you need the book infrount of you so you can read it at your plesure

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