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At OBOS: Breast Implants & Cancer, Early Births, Breastfeeding Promotion, and More

January 27, 2011

Some of my recent posts at Our Bodies Our Blog:

Breast Implants and Possible Risk of Rare Cancer – links to FDA information on the possibility of a link between breast implants and a rare cancer.

Leapfrog Group Releases Data on Early Elective Births – rates of early (37-39 weeks) induction and early cesarean without a medical indication from hospitals around the U.S.

Surgeon General Releases Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding – link to the call to action and a brief overview of its contents, which include not only encouraging women to breastfeed, but a call for workplaces, fathers, grandmothers, and communities to work to reduce barriers to breastfeeding.

Upcoming Event: EQUAL/OBOS House Party in Palo Alto – in three days, OBOS’s Judy Norsigian will be in California; come to the party and support the organization!

Upcoming Conference: The Body and the State – details on this February conference in New York City.

Quick Hit: New Guttmacher Report Details U.S. Abortion Trends, Availability – data! trends! 2008!

Also, co-blogger Christine has Do You Trust Women to Make Their Own Choices About Reproductive Healthcare? on a multi-organization pro-choice effort.

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