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Sunday News Round-Up, the Website is Done! Edition

September 26, 2010

A libraryland interlude: we finally launched the new website (the first overhaul in >8 years) for the library where I work, wrapping up months of work. With it, we launched our Twitter and Facebook accounts, chat ref via Meebo, remote access to UpToDate, online payment for document delivery for departments, a PolyMeta federated search tool, and a new WordPress-based news site. Whew. I’m glad that’s done. 🙂

Now for some things that have flown through my reader and networks while I’ve been buried in work:

I can’t believe I missed this: Planned Parenthood clinic in California damaged; California Planned Parenthood Medical Center Firebombed

Madera police say someone threw a makeshift explosive through the clinic’s window early Thursday morning, breaking the glass and burning blinds.

I’m not sure if it’s just my relative lack of news consumption lately, or if national media just haven’t widely covered the terrorizing of a legal clinic providing legal services. Madera clinic staff: I’m thinking of you, and thanks for doing what you do.

Via Deeply Problematic, Woman brutally beaten for being trans; San Antonio media and police dismiss it.

At RH Reality Check, Study: No Link Between Abortion and Depression in Teens. I haven’t read the study yet, but the headline is no surprise. The medical evidence to date supports a conclusion that some women feel bad after abortion, and some women feel relieved after abortion, but that abortion itself as a physical procedure does not cause depression.

Although the Women’s Bioethics Project has come to a close (?), they thankfully put their blog content back online for reference.

UN Summit launches drive to save the lives of more than 16 million women and children” – coming out of the summit on the Millennium Development Goals, stakeholders pledged over $40 billion in resources for women’s and children’ health.

Science & Sensibility is looking for a new community manager; this is a blog-related gig with pay!

Sort of amusing headline from the New England Journal of Medicine’s blog: Staying Abreast of Screening Mammography

Not women’s health, but via BHIC, a CDC website on Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health.

The Abortioneers are talking about the deceptions perpetuated by “crisis prenancy centers.”

From the Women’s Law Project Blog, New Census Figures on Poverty Paint a Bleak Picture for Women.

The blogger at Birthing Beautiful Ideas talks about why she can’t watch Glee anymore (hint: a buttload of isms), and also refers to this archive of critical posts. I have similar feelings about the show – honestly, how much mining-stereotypes-for-laughs can be outweighed by that one awesome scene where Kurt’s dad yells at Finn?

More on TV issues from FWD/Forward: Tell The Discovery Network that their transphobia is unacceptable (in which being a serial murderer is apparently equated with being trans), and this post on tv characters with disabilities actually being portrayed by people with disabilities.

[One of these days I’m going to get around to writing a post on how completely appalling I find Tosh.0, but I’m saving that for another day]

Blog of Champions doesn’t understand why a lot of adults like to read YA books. Y’all go straighten out the author, who seems to have a set-in-stone line past which one becomes a “grown-up” and should therefore only read fiction for “grown-ass adults.”

Uterus. Piñata.

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