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Weekly News Round-Up, 8/22

August 22, 2010

NPR’s Shots blog points to some foreign body stories. I love foreign body stories.

The New York Times has an overview of non-pill contraception.

Krafty is talking about PubMed Health and the confusion (and duplication of effort?) it may cause. is newly helping me to keep up with science-oriented blog posts from around the web. Dave Munger explains it a bit here. In short, they’re displaying headlines from places like ScienceBlogs (from where several bloggers recently vacated due to the Pepsi scandal), Nature, Wired Science, and others in one central location.

At RH Reality Check, Pamela Merritt takes on the fetuses=slaves analogy.

Molly at FirstTheEgg talks about the attitudes about pregnant women, mothers, and their bodies uncovered by her writing students for a class project.

The World Health Organization has a document (it’s kind of policy-oriented) on A Human Rights-Based Approach to Health [PDF] – an approach which “aims to support better and more sustainable development outcomes by analyzing and addressing the inequalities, discriminatory practices (de jure and de facto) and unjust power relations which are often at the heart of development problems.” It talks in part about gender discrimination.

se smith at FWD/Forward has a great post on why Reproductive Justice is for Everyone, Even People You Don’t Like.

I haven’t dug around for other people’s posts it might be referring to, but this commentary on why white breastfeeding activists should not use racism as a “prop” in pro-breastfeeding-in-public campaigns is well worth a read and can stand alone. [found via Womanist Musings]

The CDC has some trends in smoking in top-grossing movies.

Deeply Problematic offers a good explanation of the words cis, cissupremacy, and cissexism.

Eggs! Here’s a good central source of egg safety and recall information.

Wisconsin is planning to take advantage of the health reform provision that allows them to make permanent their program providing access to birth control to low-income people who make too much to quality for Medicaid.

Over at OBOS, I had Quick Hit: FDA Approves 5-Day Emergency Contraception, Committee to Shape Federal Research Agenda on Breast Cancer Genetics, Environmental Factors, and Guttmacher Releases Policy Review Calling for Better Abortion Access for Servicewomen.

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