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Sunday News Round-Up, Hot Tomato Edition

August 15, 2010

Yesterday I went to the Tomato Art Fest here in Nashville. It was almost 100 degrees out, and I was coated head to toe in sunscreen (good thing, because there was practically no shade). I really enjoyed much of the tomato art at the Art & Invention Gallery, especially the handful of pieces that made me laugh out loud. I got to see Whit Hill & the Postcards perform. I love them, and didn’t realize until their show that they have relocated from Detroit to Nashville. I also had the cantelope popsicle from Las Paletas. Yum.

On to items of interest from the week:
This past week was the first annual Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice, and Nuestra Vida, Nuestra Voz has a blog carnival rounding up posts from the week.

Joan has had two abortions! They are just wrapping up 1964, so New York state is not going to decriminalize abortion for another five years. That makes two television series this season taking a pretty normal approach to abortion, presenting it in a straightforward way as the extremely common choice that it is.

The first, which we talked about earlier, was Friday Night Lights. I can’t talk about that one anymore for now because I’ve been instructed by my Our Bodies Our Blog partner Christine that I need to start at the beginning and not just keep watching from here. 🙂

Relatedly, abortion gang notes what is lacking in some common forms of anti-abortion “information” online.

The FDA approved a new emergency contraceptive drug approved for use up to 5 days after contraceptive failure/unprotected sex (existing EC products are approved for 3 days). This was pretty well expected after the FDA’s Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs recommended approval back in June.

Bitch has “a selection of books on fat acceptance and fat bodies in general” that they recommend.

The Blog That Ate Manhattan has what I think is an important post about the tube feeding of dementia patients.

Anna at FWD/Forward has an interesting post about glasses as “an assistive tech[nology] that is very normalized, and yet doesn’t appear very often in our media,” including discussion of how media representations of glasses still serve as a code to convey meanings about a character that have very little (if anything) to do with actual visual acuity. It’s also a very useful post for easing into thinking about representations of other disabilities and assistive technologies.

Mom’s Tinfoil Hat points to the article she co-authored on Social Media, Power, and the Future of VBAC.

Rachel Maddow has been doing a pretty good job covering the need to end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

INCITE! passes along a call for submissions for This Bridge Called My Baby: Legacies of Radical Mothering.

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  1. Peggy Polaneczky permalink
    August 15, 2010 3:34 pm

    Thanks for the ht.

    This new EC pill is an important contribution. Nice to Serbia it got approval.

  2. MomTFH permalink
    August 15, 2010 6:11 pm

    Thanks for the link, you hot tomato, you!

  3. August 23, 2010 12:31 pm

    Rachel, This old lady blogged about emma…and has heard from other old ladies. All of us are pretty bummed by the ho-hum reception from those for whom it is still a viable issue.

    Please note my suggestion for “Mad Men” (which I never watch but, of course, hear about). I’ll check out your link.

    Thanks for an earlier post on Scott Rosenberg’s book,”Say Everything,” about blogging. Found it fascinating; informative for all of us new to the practice. Started reading his blog, Wordyard.

    Here’s to more librarians as bloggers! yours, naomi

    • August 24, 2010 8:16 am

      Thanks, Naomi! I don’t think I had run across Wordyard (or if I had, I forgot), will have to check that out. I’m going to go check out your post, too.


  1. Interesting posts, weekend of 8/15/10 « Feminists with Female Sexual Dysfunction

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