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Things I’m Excited About

August 8, 2010

Reviewing the “Navigating the Healthcare System” chapter for the 40th anniversary edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”
There is a brand new edition of the “Our Bodies, Ourselves” book coming out next year, and the team is hard at work writing, reviewing, and editing this 40th anniversary edition. I was asked to serve as a reviewer for the “Navigating the Healthcare System” chapter, which focuses on evaluating online sources of health information, understanding research literature and health information in the media, accessing affordable care, and getting the most out of health care generally (such as prepping for doctor visits and your rights as a patient). I’ve just returned a ton of comments, suggestions, and additions that I think could help improve and strengthen the content, and I hope the editorial team doesn’t regret asking me for input when they see it!

I’m really looking forward to seeing the completed new edition. When the first stapled newsprint edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves was published in 1970, there were almost no other resources for women to learn about their bodies and share their experiences. Now, of course, the amount of information and resources on women’s health has exploded. For this reason, the new edition will not attempt to cover all women’s health topics, but instead will focus primarily on reproductive health and sexuality.

If you’ve not seen them, there have been additional updates between 1970 and today, including recent books focused specifically on menopause and on pregnancy and birth, and translations and adaptations in many other languages. It’s exciting to me to have a small part in the evolution of these works!

Assorted mystery new things at work
We have several projects going on at work that I can’t quite detail at the moment, but that are making work more fun and interesting and challenging these days. I’m also newly working as the clinical librarian for our Emergency Department, just for a little more newness in the mix. It’s not exactly *easy* at the moment, but it’s never dull.

Fruits and vegetables
I’m totally serious. I love summer produce. I love farmers’ markets. I love that our neighbors left a bag of homegrown tomatoes on our doorknob; I’ve been eating whole ones as snacks, and had some some cucumber and tomato sandwiches (one of my absolute favorite foods). Okay, so I love all the other fresh produce, too, but am fixated on tomatoes. If you’ve ever heard of the awesomeness of the Grainger County Tomato, I grew up in the next county over, with family members who grew their own tomatoes as well. Nothing beats an in-season, homegrown tomato.

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  1. November 20, 2010 12:39 pm

    40th Anniversary
    i hope i would get one too 😛

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