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At Our Bodies Our Blog: Family Planning Outcomes of Health Care Reform, and More on Friday Night Lights

July 14, 2010

At Our Bodies Our Blog, I have a post on Health Care Reform and Family Planning, including information on the new option for states to provide family planning coverage to low income folks who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, and a provision to cover preventive care and screenings for women, along with discussion of whether contraception might get included as a preventive service.

Co-blogger-in-chief Christine has her own post on the recent abortion episode of Friday Night Lights, and more tv talk.

And while I’m OBOS-talking, can I just remind people that Our Bodies Ourselves is so much more than just that one, first book from 1970 that you might have been given by your cool mom or aunt back when you were a teenager? There’s the blog, of course, where C and I do our best to provide timely updates and discussion of important women’s health issues. There also have been several updates of the landmark book since back in the day, and a 40th anniversary edition is expected next year. OBOS also has a Global Translation/Adaptation Program to work with women’s groups around the globe to produce relevant adaptations of the work. For example, Hebrew, Arabic, Armenian and Chinese projects are currently in the works. Meanwhile, focused books on menopause and on pregnancy and birth have been released in the past few years. I think it’s awesome that so many women have fond memories of the old (and groundbreaking) edition of the book, but thought I’d take the opportunity to remind people of the work that’s still happening today!

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  1. July 15, 2010 10:28 pm


    Guess, its time to give your own blog a chance. Because never gave it a chance before because I thought OBOB was sufficent, spl. Now, I’m rethinking it anyway.

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