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Report from the Fourth – Mmm, Cheddar Head

July 10, 2010

One more side trip, and then we’ll return to health-y posts, I’m sure. Last weekend, I went out of town and headed back to east Tennessee to meet a new niece and attend a cousin’s wedding, and got a visit to the updated* Market Square in Knoxville and a family cook-out out of the deal.

We met the sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and 6-month-old niece in Market Square for lunch on Saturday at Tomato Head. I love Tomato Head. I actively miss Tomato Head now that I’m in middle Tennessee, and have been wanting a Cheddar Head for about 6 months. The Cheddar Head is a sandwich, which I get on pita and is described simply by its ingredients: fresh spinach, organic baked tofu, roasted onion, sweetwater valley sharp cheddar, mustard & mayo, heated with tomato. Nom.

Market Square was also having a farmers’ market, which apparently happens every Wednesday and Saturday, so we poked around there, and stopped in some stores on the Square as well as Krutch Park, which has been improved since I last saw it. We also stopped in at the Mast General Store, and picked up a gift for my cousin’s wedding. If I had more disposable income and a local Mast store, I could spend a lot of it there, where there’s a little bit of everything. Fraggle puppets, people, Fraggle puppets. I also have to give kudos to Knoxville for making free parking available on weekends in city/county garages.

Family cook-out involved kalbi (or galbi, or bulgogi…), fried rice, kimchi, and namool, alongside corn on the cob, cherry pie, chocolate cake, and homemade vanilla ice cream. The frozen bean burritos I had back home last night don’t come close.

*I haven’t lived around there since ’02, so anything from the last 8 years is “updated” to me.

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