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Weekly News Round-Up, Weather Radio Edition

April 25, 2010

I spent most of yesterday* listening to the weather radio repeatedly sound its alarm (we had tornado watches and severe thunderstorm warnings most of the day), watching the driveway fill up with water, and wondering what the lightning just hit to make that sound. It seems only right to start the round-up, then, with tornado safety tips: from NOAA; for kids; from the CDC; in Spanish; from the Red Cross.

Nominations for the Our Bodies Ourselves 2010 Women’s Health Heroes awards are open through this Friday!

Science & Sensibility has an interview with Judith Rooks about the use of nitrous oxide for labor pain relief and her advocacy for expanding the availability of this method in the United States.

RH Reality Check has a couple of pieces responding to the meme that younger women are not interested or engaged in reproductive rights/justice work.

National Advocates for Pregnant Women is hosting a conference at NYU later this week on “Drugs, Pregnancy and Parenting: What the Experts Have to Say,” focused on the question, “In light of the evidence-based research regarding drugs, drug treatment and the relationship between drug use, pregnancy and parenting, what happens to the children who stay in the care of their mother’s who used drugs during pregnancy and/or continue to be involved with drug use? What does the research tell us about these children?”

FWD/Forward caught my eye with this piece about occupational health, disability, and coal mining.

A guest post at Feministe tackles sexual violence in Native communities; Cara at The Curvature talks about a New Report on Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada.

Renee at Womanist Musings has a great post on disability, access, and action. It may be a small thing, but her post inspired me to find the appropriate city department and contact them this week when I noticed an issue with a sidewalk obstruction that was seriously affecting accessibility. Thanks, Renee.

Renee also notes that she no loner reads Salon’s Broadsheet because “it seems that the writers there are incapable of writing a story without calling someone lame.” I rarely read or link to it myself, for other/additional reasons. That said, I’m making one of my occasional exceptions, for a piece that pretty much reflects my own views on Why I won’t be joining the “Boobquake.” Basically, showing their boobs is about the least effective thing I can think of for women to do to combat misogynist (and unscientific) attitudes around the world.

From Reuters, WellPoint routinely targets breast cancer patients (for insurance cancellation).

From NPR, New Health Law Brings Better Coverage For Women.

Also, at NPR’s health blog, Critics Cluck At Breast Cancer Awareness In A Bucket.

Women’s eNews has a piece, NYC’s Rising Black Maternal Mortality Unexplained.

Via the New York Times, “‘Informed Consent’ and the Ethics of DNA Research,” including “The cultural gap between the impoverished Havasupai Indians who view their blood as sacred and the Arizona State University researchers who helicoptered in to their Grand Canyon home to collect it”

[*when I wasn’t washing the blinds and breaking the shower in the process…]

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