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Weekly News Round-Up

February 28, 2010

At Our Bodies Our Blog, I posted about a couple of calls for support of midwifery-related legislation – in Mississippi and at the Federal level, and on ACNM’s new statement in support of making nitrous oxide available for pain relief in labor, while C has an update on healthcare reform.

Other items of interest:
At the workplace, a new OB emergency team is being launched, and it includes an attending CNM.

At RHRC, Robin Marty talks about Angie Jackson’s tweetin of her abortion. Angie herself writes more about her experience at Angie the Anti-Theist. My response is basically to adapt what I said about Trunk tweeting her miscarriage:

But you know what? Her tweet, and her motives for publishing it, are not the issue – the responses she reports receiving are. The comments telling Trunk Angie how she *should* feel about a miscarriage her abortion are a problem. The idea that miscarriage abortion is something personal that *should* be kept secret whether a woman wants to keep it secret or not, when so so many women have them, is a problem. The idea that people’s bodies should effectively be hidden from the work environment where we spend so much of our time world is problematic in its own ways…The idea that women should always be overjoyed and grateful to be pregnant is a problem – as any woman who has ever prayed to get her period will tell you. Yes, many women lose wanted pregnancies and are upset, even devastated. But people have a whole range of reactions to events in their lives, and that is okay.

Also at RHRC, Miriam Pérez writes about attempts to target women of color rearding abortion. She writes:

At first glance, it’s nice to see the anti-choice community pretending to care about communities of color. But within a few minutes, the skepticism sets in. What’s really behind these tactics, coming from a group that is majority white, middle-class and Christian? In the end, we know this isn’t actually about women of color and their well-being. It’s a sensationalist attempt to pit women of color against the reproductive rights movement. Classic divide and conquer.

Jill at The Unnecesarean is also talking about Race and the Rights of Childbearing Women, as isCara at the Curvature.

One more from RHRC (they’re on a roll this week): on a Utah bill that apparently could criminalize miscarriage? I need to read more about this.

Feministing has a profile of Heather Corinna, who I think is pretty awesome.

The Washington Post has a profile of Carol Ball, who travels 200 miles from Minnesota to South Dakota to provide abortions.

The New York Times has a piece on antibiotic-resistant infections in hospitals.

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