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Weekly News Round-Up, Snow-Free Edition

February 7, 2010

A new edition of the Carnival of Feminists is up at Zero at the Bone – thanks to the host for including a couple of OBOS posts!

Last week, NPR ran a piece on new book, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” which I heard and posted about. I really should have one ahead and put a hold on it at my public library at the time; I waited until yesterday to do it and am now #39 in line for the book.

Renee at Womanist Musings asks “Do Black Women’s Reproductive Rights Even Matter?” with regard to the lack of feminist response to racially targeted anti-abortion campaigns such as one in Atlanta that calls black children an “endangered species.” Renee explains that “As proof of this claim they offer the fact that Blacks account for 30% of the general population and 56% of the abortions,” and she asks why “there has been little to no commentary from White feminists.”

The Unnecesarean has a transcript of that live cesarean that aired on The Today Show along with commentary on the segment.

Inspired by FWD/Forward, I sent a message to Planned Parenthood Action to say that I liked their Tebow-response video, but could they please consider providing transcripts and/or captions for this and future videos to increase their accessibility.

The Department of Defense announced it will begin making emergency contraception available to members of the military overseas (I wrote last month at OBOS about a bill designed to achieve this).

I’m bummed that Sarah Haskins will no longer be doing Target Women.

Siobhan points out that today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

Journal Retracts Study Backing Vaccine-Autism Link – the main study proposing an MMR/autism link has been retracted “after the United Kingdom’s General Medical Council’s ruling last week that the researchers acted dishonestly and unethically, including carrying out unnecessary invasive tests on children and being paid by lawyers of parents who thought their children had been harmed by the vaccine.”

Don’t Panic! Women Can Conceive Over 30 – commentary on fertility fear mongering in recent news coverage.

We Can’t Overlook Reproductive Health Needs in Haiti – at RHRC.

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