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Weekly News Round-Up, 1/17

January 17, 2010

First things first: fellow librarian Cliff Landis is matching donations to Partners in Health toward Haiti relief, up to $10,000 (matched to be up to $20,000), through February 28.

Via Ms. Magazine, Ultrasound Requirement Approved by KY Senate Committee. It would require women to have and view (with physician commentary/description) an ultrasound prior to an abortion (and so differs from some other laws in that many require it to be offered but not viewed). I’ve written before that I find the whole forced ultrasound business to be paternalistic BS that assumes women just don’t know what they’re doing when they go for an abortion. And when about 60% of U.S. women who have abortions are already mothers? And just about everybody else has had some other woman show them a fuzzy blob picture of their little darling-to-be? Seriously. Women know. The idea that women get abortions just because they don’t know what they’re doing is ridiculous and insulting.

Planned Parenthood has a new “My Method” tool online where people can input their preferences related to contraception and get some recommendations of which methods might be the best matches for them.

Health and Human Services has posted a page of information on Bisphenol A (BPA) for parents. (found via @NaomiStarkman)

Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health have shared some stories of the reproductive health consequences of being uninsured.

I haven’t read the study yet, so I can’t comment on it, but Scientific American has an overview of a piece in Lancet from the World Health Organization, and characterizes it as finding that “in Asia—in both developed and developing nations—cesarean section births only reduced risks of major complications for mother and child if they were medically recommended. Elected surgical deliveries, on the other hand, put both at greater risk.”

Lauredhel at Hoyden writes about another study I haven’t yet read, That Homebirth Study In South Australia.

[Note: I point out that I haven’t read the studies yet because I feel that it’s irresponsible to point you to commentary on the studies without noting that I haven’t yet done the reading required to determine whether that commentary is accurate and valid.]

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health issued a statement on health care reform.

Audacia Ray posts at RH Reality Check on sex workers in India in Neither Victims Nor Voiceless: Sex Workers Speaking for Themselves

Jennifer at Guilty Planet (at ScienceBlogs) posts on one reason the seafood/fish/health news is hard to keep straight.

Heather Corinna at Scarleteen has a thank you to all who donated in the recent Scarleteen fundraising campaign, which exceeded its goal.


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