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Weekly News Round-Up, Post-Holiday Edition

December 28, 2009

Whew. For Christmas this year, we went to Morristown, Kingsport, and New Market, TN, and that was only immediate family – we had to miss the aunts and uncles and cousins and whatnot because there wasn’t enough time. Saw my parents and the spouse’s parents and BiL/SiL/nephew. I twisted my ankle and then ignored sensible advice to stay off it for a bit. Watched Half-Blood Prince with my parents. Listened to this Johnny Cash: Live at San Quentin radio show. Ate a ridiculous amount of food. Came home to see that another big branch fell off the tree in the front yard, and hope it didn’t cause any trouble for the neighbors – there’s no note, so I assume it didn’t…sometimes I’m pretty sure we’re the bad neighbors on the block.

Some things from the interim:

The Nashville, TN government was going to put a WIC health clinic in an underused local mall. “Area residents” “expressed concerns” – so no clinic there. “Antioch homeowner and plan opponent Patricia Karl” said “I don’t see a lot of Tommy Hilfiger moving out of Macy’s mall after I’ve been to my breast feeding class, dragging my other six kids with me. I’m sorry.” The comments on newspaper sites on this story were predictably a cesspool of not wanting “those” kind of people in the mall. Ugh. Government caved, and the proposed clinic still doesn’t have a location, but the government is working to make sure it’s in the “right spot” (I guess one where nobody who counts has to see any poor people’s children getting help with food).

In “big surprise” news, a study in the journal from the American Academy of Pediatrics says most parents wait too late to talk to their kids about sex. “In a series of surveys with 141 parents and their teen-aged children, researchers found more than 40 percent of children had sexual intercourse before any discussion with their parents about sexually transmitted disease symptoms, condom use, choosing birth control, or what to do if a partner refuses a condom.” I guess not talking about it is not keeping kids from doing it after all. *eyeroll* I also noticed that because of “parent concerns,” the surveyed kids were not asked about masturbation, and girls were not asked about “wet dreams.” [abstract/PDF full text]

Aunt B has some good commentary on infant mortality in Tennessee and BS political grandstanding (and the difference between that and actually helping fix the infant mortality problem).

I saw this TLC show filmed at the larger workplace, Emergency Level 1. It was really cool, but I can’t seem to find video clips from it anywhere to share. 😐

Some posts on the problems of sexuality, disability, women, race, and domestice violence/abuse as portrayed on Glee.

NPR aired a story on Black women and breastfeeding.

The “necessity” defense is not going to be allowed for Scott Roeder in his trial for murdering Dr. Tiller.

Here’s a nother story on that Oklahoma abortion law in which proponents insist that it’s just to collect useful data. As I mentioned in this previous post, it’s already completely possible (and preferable) to collect such data for analysis without posting it all publicly online at the individual level. Anybody who insists otherwise is either way under-informed or lying. Or both! (ha)

Katie Allison Granju is expecting another baby. Oh! And one of my SiLs is in labor right this very minute, which will be niece/nephew #3 for this only child. 🙂

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