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Back Up Your Birth Control This New Year’s Eve – A Message from Granny

December 23, 2009

The video below* is a kind of funny approach to promoting safer sex (and advance planning for said safer sex). It features several women reading text messages aloud, messages that have been erroneously sent by their grandchildren in the midst of New Year’s Eve partying and are often awkward or sexual.

The key point is that it’s easy to accidentally text your grandmother during such celebrations (possibly while inebriated**, I’m guessing), and other things – such as your contraception – can easily go wrong, too. As it notes, condoms break, pills are forgotten, so you should back up your birth control. If you go to the associated website, (from the National Institute for Reproductive Health), it becomes clear that they’re suggesting acquiring emergency contraception ahead of time (over the counter for those 17 and older), so any mishaps can be readily dealt with (find out more about emergency contraception here).

One small quibble: grandma’s texting but has a confused face about “OMG” and “friend requesting?” Give the lady some credit. 😉

*I can transcribe it if anyone would like.
**Which raises another issue of drunkenness and consent, but I’m going to leave that alone for the moment.

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