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Weekly News Round-Up, 12/20

December 20, 2009

Assorted things I’ve been reading this week:

Via NPR, Ban Lifted On Federal Funding For Needle Exchange.

Applications are open to be a Spring semester site for the Great American Condom Campaign. Applications close January 3rd. I would love it if somebody near me got a site and wanted to talk about it!

At the New York Times on health reform, Negotiating to 60 Votes, Compromise by Compromise. Planned Parenthood issued a statement opposing the Nelson amendment and says, “it is a sad day when women’s health is traded away for one vote.”

A presentation last year on Vanderbilt’s PEPFAR work in Africa (on YouTube).

The Midwest Teen Sex Show has a great interview with Scarleteen’s Heather Corinna, Heather Corinna Doesn’t Eat Man Soup.

The Choices Campus Blog has a piece on the fight for reproductive rights in Ireland.

Women on Waves is looking for women in the Netherlands who are native speakers of Polish, Arabic or Portugese to help staff their email helpdesk responding to women with unwanted pregnancies.

In my local newspaper, The Tennessean (which litters my driveway with unwanted free papers, but that’s another issue), Free prenatal program sees strong demand. Related to the larger, workplace, “Vanderbilt University schools of medicine and nursing, Vine Hill Community Clinic and Shade Tree Clinic teamed up to provide a free monthly prenatal care clinic.”

From an LA Times blog, old clippings from the paper covering illegal abortion deaths and cases.

Some good discussion on VBAC happening over at Academic OB/GYN – “10) The single most important thing we can do to deal with VBAC issues is to not have them at all, by avoiding the first cesarean section.” Mom’s Tinfoil Hat has one of her “replies turned posts” in response.

Amie at RH Reality Check points to an ACNM resource to help women considering midwife care.

I just recently stumbled across the Birth Sense blog, and its series of Childbirth Hall of Shame posts. Reading entry #3 in the series – on a woman threatened with a court-ordered cesarean and one with serious iatrogenic complications from the surgery – gave me that punched in the gut appalled feeling of “how dare they treat any person like this?!?” I often get the same feeling when reading entries at My OB Said What?!?, and I have to admit that I sometimes engage in the smallest bit of denial – surely that wasn’t what was said, surely that’s just a caricature of the bad OB. It’s not a very useful response, but it’s one that the anonymity of the internet allows, and I wonder how many others have it, just a little. Of course, if I don’t take these posters at their word, it’s much easier to think nothing needs to be done in response to such infuriating stories, so I suspect I’m just engaging in that small denial at times as a way to keep the outrage meter down under 11. It’s like the opposite of Mulder’s long-hanging poster – I Don’t Want to Believe.

Tweet of the week: It’s a sad day in America when a woman’s request for a #VBAC becomes national news.

To follow on Twitter (to note people who pointed to links of interest and also just general suggestions; I think I’ll include a few each week): ACNMidwives; Unnecesarean (Jill at the Unnecesarean); midwifeamy (Science & Sensibility); amienewman (RH Reality Check); hilseb (Mom’s Tinfoil Hat).

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  1. December 20, 2009 12:55 pm

    Thanks for the link! Would you mind putting me on your Blogroll?


    Nicholas Fogelson

    • December 20, 2009 12:58 pm

      Nicholas, I intend to do an update of the blogroll very soon, thanks.

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