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Weekly News Round-Up – 12/6/09

December 6, 2009

A hearing (see link for testimony downloads) was held on the controversial new breast cancer screening recommendations. Testimony from Diana B. Petitti [PDF], Chair of the Task Force that released the recs, is of particular interest to read. She explains the process of developing a recommendation, notes that the recommendations were finalized in June of 2008 (before the current health reform process started), addresses the “anxiety” debate, commits to improving how the Task Force communicates, and explicitly points out that “What we are saying is that the decision to have a mammogram for women in their 40s should be based on a discussion between a women her doctor.” Meanwhile, a number of organizations apparently signed a letter supporting the Task Force. And Barbara Ehrenreich (“Nickel and Dimed”) wrote a commentary on the reaction asking whether “feminism been replaced by the pink-ribbon breast cancer cult?”

Our Bodies Ourselves is still working to reach its fundraising goal – read our appeal at the blog. Thanks to everyone who has been able to contribute.

Scarleteen is also doing some fundraising. The sex ed source also has a new text-based question & answer service. To ask Scarleteen a question via text, just text 66746 and start your question with the keyword ASKST.

RaceWire has a piece on health reform, abortion restrictions, and Indian Health Services.

The New England Journal of Medicine has a section of perspective pieces on health care reform, and they seem to be freely available (I didn’t check every commentary, but the ones I clicked on were freely available full-text).

Amie at RH Reality Check has a piece on the passage of the Mikulski “Women’s Health Amendment.”

The National LGBT Cancer Network offers training and presentations to healthcare facilities, schools, conferences and service organizations on LGBT cancer care.

At Amplify there is a bit on how one Great American Condom Campaign location is distributing their condoms – on the late night campus shuttle – which I thought was pretty clever.

Via Feministe, Cleveland Passes Transgender Rights Protections.

Audacia Ray at Akimbo points to an online course in Disability, Sexuality and Rights [found via Shakesville].

There is a whole bunch of discussion about birth – especially “natural” childbirth” going on at Unnecesarean (and post two) and Mom’s Tinfoil Hat (and post two) spurred on by the appearance of…no, I’m not saying Beetlejuice.

It’s holiday time, and MedlinePlus has info on the front page about drunk driving and managing stress.

Oof. My voice has returned but I’m going to go take a nap now.

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