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An Appeal from Our Bodies Ourselves

November 30, 2009

At Our Bodies Our Blog today, Christine and I have an appeal to blog readers to give if able to our fundraising campaign. While I know finances have been especially tight for many, many people, this means that times have been hard for many organizations as well (and no doubt you have seen appeals from many worthy organizations who are currently struggling). As one of the OBOS bloggers, I wanted to pass along our appeal for your consideration. It’s easy to assume that OBOS – which has been around for so long and has been so central to the women’s health movement – might be all set financially, but as the appeal notes, help is needed. Don’t feel compelled to give if you can’t afford it, but if you can, please consider doing so.

In short:

This is not your ordinary holiday fundraising campaign. We need to raise $50,000 by Dec. 31 to maintain staffing and continue our program work at current levels.

Here’s the deal. OBOS has a big name but a tiny budget. Book sales account for only 6 percent of our budget (yes: 6 percent!). We’re a nonprofit that depends on donors and grants to make up the other lean 94 percent. And this year has been hard.

See our post for information about the types of programs your donation would support, such as a revision of the landmark book, translations and adaptations into multiple languages, promoting women-friendly health policies and programs, and other activities.

Online donation is possible, and we have a tracker up through firstgiving so you can see our progress. As we note, a relatively small number of 2-digit donations could quickly get us to our goal.

Our Bodies Ourselves has always been there when you needed us most. And now we need you.

We can continue this work with your support. If we can get 1,000 people to make donations of $50 each, we’ll reach our goal faster than you can say, “Women rock!”

So please make a donation today (it’s tax deductible!). Share this news with your friends and networks. And enjoy the warm fuzzies you get from knowing you did a good thing — and from knowing that OBOS will be there to answer your health questions and to be an advocate for you and your family.

Thank you for considering OBOS in your giving.

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