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More on the Stupak Amendment

November 9, 2009

The Stupak amendment to the health reform legislation passed by the House yesterday

prohibits federal funds for abortion services in the public option. It also prohibits individuals who receive affordability credits from purchasing a plan that provides elective abortions. However, it allows individuals, both who receive affordability credits and who do not, to separately purchase with their own funds plans that cover elective abortions. It also clarifies that private plans may still offer elective abortions.

Here’s the roll call vote. NPR tonight covered a bit about the controversy around the amendment, and RH Reality Check has a number of relevant posts.

As I mentioned yesterday, Christine has a couple of relevant posts and links to more resources at Our Bodies Our Blog as well.

Locally, Silence Isn’t Golden has some good discussion about Jim Cooper’s (D-TN) vote for and about the amendment in general.

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