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Weekly News Round-Up, 11/8

November 8, 2009

Christine has a post at Our Bodies Our Blog about the passage of the health reform legislation last night. She notes

As I watched Democrats congratulate themselves, it was difficult to feel celebratory. Passage of the Stupak amendment — which bars a government-run insurance plan from offering abortion *and* prohibits women who receive government insurance subsidies from purchasing private plans that include abortion coverage — sucked a lot of the energy out of the room.

She has a number of posts on health care reform and especially the Stupak amendment from yesterday, with links to a number of additional resources and roll call vote results, so I won’t try to duplicate all of that info here – I’m still trying to catch up on and absorb all of the intricacies. See Our Bodies Our Blog.

Also, here’s what Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health had to say, and an NY Times article on the abortion aspect. RHReality Check has a bit on the mixed reactions from women’s groups.

Assorted other:

Kudos to Vanderbilt’s Nurse-Midwifery practice

ACNM’s Midwife Connection blog on a woman planning to broadcast her labor and birth on the internet.

Gender Across Borders is exploring the topic of female genital cutting.

The FDA issued a warning about “sexual enhancement” supplements. Many of these have been found to include undeclared ingredients or ingredients similar to prescription drugs that may pose serious safety concerns.

A presentation on MyNCBI and changes to PubMed en español. If you’re having any trouble with the revised PubMed interface, let me know, I’ll try to help.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is solciting suggestions from tattooists and piercers on their health concerns about their work environments via their Science Blog. The agency also has some informational pages for these body art workers on vaccination, preventing needle-stick injuries and cross-contamination, and related topics.

The National Institutes of Health provides this bioethics resource online.

There are a bunch of great new posts at FWD/Forward. I just finished reading this one on taking responsibility for accessibility, and this one on “hipster ableism” and Glee.

At Your Cervix has a series of posts related to L&D and hospital visitation restrictions related to H1N1 flu including the new policy at her hospital, the postin of their official policy, and day one and day two with the more restrictive visiting rules in place. There is a bit of good discussion in the day two post about what exactly a woman should have done when her doctor told her to go to the hospital, she had the care of her two minor children (assume no child care is available), but the hospital subsequently sent her away because they are no longer allowing minor visitors under the more restrictive policy.

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