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Sunday News Round-Up, Monday Style – 11/2/09

November 2, 2009

For at least part of the past weekend, I was busy attending the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association’s annual conference in Memphis, TN, so the round-up is a bit delayed. A few things that caught my eye over the past week:

Meharry Medical College in Nashville got a big grant to fund research in women’s health, eliminating cancer disparities and HIV/AIDS.

A new edition of the Carnival Against Sexual Violence has been posted.

Mom’s Tinfoil Hat is talking about conscience clauses and their responsible application.

The National Women’s Law Center is doing a “Women’s Day of Action for Health Care Reform” blog-a-thon on Wednesday, Nov 4, and is asking women to sign up to “to blog, tweet or post for fair, affordable and comprehensive health care coverage.”

Newsweek had a piece on the future of abstinence-only sex ed now that it hasn’t been proven to be effective and government dollars for the programs are being cut off.

Not sure if I’ve pointed to this before: The Society for Menstrual Research’s blog. Some good recent posts there.

Via Siobhan at BHIC, this report: The Current State of Health Care for People with Disabilities.

The Nation has a piece on health reform and birth control and gynecological care.

The Unnecesarean has a post on Joint Commission (JCAHO) measures related to elective induction and c-section.

Science and Sensibility has some business about whether WHO actually retracted the 15% c-section rate cut-off. For reference, here’s the cached Medical News Today piece, and the later retraction. The retracted piece was based on a release, apparently, from The Coalition for Childbirth Autonomy (, which includes the people.

If you have subscription access, the journal Women’s Health Issues has a piece in the November-December 2009 issue on welfare family caps and social justice.

From HHS, Initial Results Show Pregnant Women Mount Strong Immune Response to One Dose of 2009 H1N1 Flu Vaccine. The agency also announced that it is publishing a rule lifting the ban on travel to the U.S. for people living with HIV.

And don’t forgot Our Bodies Our Blog! I have something there today on women’s reports of side effects when stopping Depo-Provera shots – if you have a story on the same, leave it in the comments there.

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