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H1N1 Flu Vaccines Available in Tennessee

October 16, 2009

Nashville residents may have seen the news elsewhere – the Metro Public Health Department is offering the H1N1 FluMist vaccine to the general public after ordering almost 5,000 doses and having plenty left over after low uptake from healthcare providers (the intended audience for the vaccine). Vaccines are free at the Lentz Health Center, 311 23rd Ave. North, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m, Monday through Friday, as long as supplies last.

Note that this is the nasal spray vaccine, which is a live, attenuated version, so it is only intended for healthy, non-pregnant people ages 2-49 years. Here’s the CDC’s information sheet [PDF] on the nasal spray vaccine.

Across the state, the TN Dept of Health has a “flu shot locator” online listing upcoming opportunities to receive the H1N1 vaccine (and seasonal flu shots). It may not be fully comprehensive (I didn’t see the Nashville availability, for example), but could be a good starting point for finding out whether your county health department is offering the vaccine, adn when and where.

Tennessee also has a flu information hotline for questions about the H1N1 or seasonal flu, toll free at 1-877-252-3432.

Finally, has a flu self-assessment tool which asks questions about symptoms and provides general advice about whether a health care visit may be needed. The site also has national flu shot locator information and links to state information.

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  1. October 16, 2009 6:10 pm

    Great news. Let’s hope we don’t all turn out like this unfortunate lady:

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