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Goverment Health Sources on Twitter, Including Women’s Health

August 23, 2009

A number of federal U.S. government health agencies now have accounts on Twitter, including the following that are specific to women’s or reproductive health:

You don’t get a lot of interaction from these accounts, mostly tweets of new resources, news, and tools, without much engagement from the agencies. A good list of additional accounts is available at I particularly like this emergency preparedness and response account from the CDC; it’s mostly swine flu tweets at present, but emergency info seems like a good use of the format. @disabilitygov also seems like a good one, and will be tweeting certain types of resources on specific days of the week, and is accepting suggestions/taking questions from followers for that purpose.

OPA, one of the Twitter accounts mentioned above, also has a family planning locater on their site (which can be added as a widget to websites, but there is some kind of glitch in it, which I reported to them this weekend. When I search for the city “Nashville,” I get no results, but when I search my Nashville zip code, I do get results in the city and from surrounding areas. So if you use it to find family planning resources but don’t get anything back, try your search another way.


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