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Weekly News Round-Up

August 16, 2009

Comments are working again at OBOS – we had some technical difficulties this week, but have new posts up on Wyeth Pharmaceutical’s ghostwriting of papers on hormone replacement therapy (to gloss over the risks), with the Colbert Report’s take and continued featuring of a copy of OBOS as part of the women’s health g graphics. Also, Christine’s critique of a pregnant-looking-women-breakdancing campaign (you really just have to read it).

NaCl and hv has a series of how-to posts on bringing babies to conferences. I’m a little bummed that the Childcare entry doesn’t include “encourage conference organizers to provide childcare.” The Allied Media Conference manages to provide childcare and a kids’ track, which I assume increases the ability of the adults to participate; I don’t see why other organizations can’t do it, too, if they’re interested in having contributions from professionals who also happen to be parents.
[via Sciencewomen]

Relatedly, PhD in Parenting is talking about the need for flexible parental leave. She tries not to rub it in that she’s Canadian and has “access to almost a year of leave (combined maternity leave and parental leave) from work after having a baby with some pay.” [found via Womanist Musings]

Newsweek points to an error in Esquire’s coverage of late-term abortion provider Warren Hern (which I previously linked to, so I’m linking to this as well).

In another Newsweek piece, Sarah Kliff describes time spent LeRoy Carhart’s abortion clinic. I think it’s fine that she felt discomfort watching the procedure, although, it not being her procedure (and a procedure lots of people have strong feelings about), and her not being a provider (hello, third wheel), I’d kind of expect anybody to be uncomfortable, and am not sure what that adds to the conversation other than her own catharsis. There is, however, a more serious piece in the magazine profiling late-term abortion provider LeRoy Carhart, and why he has no intention of quitting despite threats of violence.

RH Reality Check has an interview with Laura Scott, author of Two is Enough: A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice. (and…after I saw the cover, I noticed it was from Seal Press. It’s not awful, it’s just, well…I don’t think it’s going to attract people they’ve already alienated.)

This week when I saw The Consumerist’s post on the Think B4 You Speak campaign that encourages people to stop using “that’s so gay” as a pejorative, I had to *headdesk* a little when I read this line of the post:
People use the word “gay” in offhand ways not to disparage people, but as a slightly edgy synonym for “lame.”
The comments are a cesspool; yeah, I know it’s Gawker, but you would think the property bought by the Consumer’s Union would have a higher threshold. Renee at Womanist Musings has a great post, “It’s not Just Lame,” on why that language is hurtful, too.

Why I’ll be having a bad feeling about Marriott facilities for a while. I don’t care if it’s just lawsuit maneuvering – it’s bad form, and sends a bad message to potential customers, especially women.

Recently I linked to a piece by Kate Harding (of Shapely Prose) over at We are the Real Deal. As an update, Kate has since dropped out of the project. After a couple of jaw-dropping recent posts over there, I hope readers won’t assume my linking to Kate’s posts at WatRD is any kind of endorsement of the site – I’ll stick with Shapely Prose.

Rebirth has the first installment of the Rebirth Blog Carnival.

Babeland has an excellent post, The Problem with Politeness, focused on the problem of requiring children to return hugs. This is something Aunt B has written about in the past as well, although I can’t seem to dig up the relevant posts at the moment.

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  1. August 17, 2009 5:53 pm

    I love your news round-ups. Love them.

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