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Feel Good Friday – I Kissed a Girl

August 7, 2009

No, not *that* one, but the Jill Sobule song, accompanied by Melissa Ferrick. Apparently there has been some attention to the matching song titles used by Sobule and, more recently, Katy Perry. Sobule made some tongue-in-cheek comments about it to The Rumpus, and folks like Rolling Stone took it seriously.

Through looking for a bit about this, I learned that Erin McKeown has a blog (where she weighed in on this in the context of the way the big, commercial music industry operates). I also stumbled across a piece on the two songs from Dec 2008 that includes this line as an argument that the Perry song is more subversive than the Sobule song, which I thought was completely clueless:

“Two women falling in love is considered much more acceptable than two women kissing for fun.”

Yeah, and that’s why gay marriage is legal everywhere, but Girls Gone Wild is really unpopular. *headdesk*

Okay, enough of this rambling and things my Twitter people have already heard me grumble about, let’s get on with the video:

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