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College Kids With Misinformation – The Emergency Contraception Edition

July 21, 2009

Like about whether emergency contraception is the same is abortion. A new issue of JOGNN includes results from a survey of college students on the topic – female college students at Adelphi University* were surveyed in 2007 about their knowledge, perceptions, and use of emergency contraception as well as past pregnancies and related topics.

About 600 women completed the survey. Among the findings:

  • Nearly 40% were unsure if EC was the same as RU-486 (mifepristone); 8% indicated that they believed EC and RU-486 were the same.”
  • “Nearly 95% responded affirmatively when asked if they knew of the availability of EC in the United States; however, one third responded that a prescription was required to obtain EC.”
  • “…only 8% of respondents indicated that they had received information about EC from their health care provider.”
  • “Nearly 96% approve of EC in cases of rape or sexual assault and 82% approve in the case of a failed method of birth control.”
  • Fifteen percent reported being pregnant at least once in their lifetime; 87% of the pregnancies were unplanned.

[Hat tip to @AbortionDr]

*The paper actually calls it “a private suburban university in the Mid-Atlantic region,” but both authors are Adelphi-affiliated.

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