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Sunday News Round-Up

July 5, 2009

Renee of Womanist Musings, has a great post, “The Convenience of ‘Super Crip,'” in which she describes how people treat her like she’s helpless and touch her without invitation when she’s out in her scooter. She also has her weekly links round-up, Drop it Like it’s Hot.

Yet another reason why I don’t trust police. Police raided a gay bar in Fort Worth. On the Stonewall anniversary. Somebody left with head injuries, which the cops explain as “fell down, hit head.” They also tried to blame it on those dirty gays and their unwelcome touching (sarcasm, naturally). Dan Savage explains the improbability of the police explanation and vileness of what went down.

Via Cara at the Curvature, allegations from female inmates “accusing the sheriff of covering up such crimes as rape and sexual battery as well as blackmail attempts and death threats committed against them by jailers.”

Via Guerilla Mama Medicine, I read this post at Vegans of Color, “Survival Foods.” It talks in part about women who are vegan who feel during pregnancy that they need meat, the availability of suitable foods, and the like, and notes the money, health and time resources often needed to inform and sustain a vegan diet. If you’re going to wade into the comments, you’re going to need your Self-Righteousness Shield +10 and a high tolerance for people telling pregnant women what they have to do with their bodies.

Via Siobhan, the release of a cultural competency curriculum for emergency responders and a computer-based course on measuring health disparities.

C notes that Sarah Palin resigned, and that one of Palin’s last acts as Governor may have been forcing out a public health official who wanted to cite the actual evidence in hearings on parental consent for underage abortion.

Sweet Machine at Shapely Prose with “Fried eggs, boulders, and spaghetti straps,” on Christa D’Souza’s breast implant writing – “This is not an article about the size of her breasts. This is an article about self-hatred, only D’Souza doesn’t know it.”

The Drug Policy Alliance Network has a post on the ongoing “Above the Influence” commercials, and why the money spent on them is both wasted and badly prioritized.

For something silly, uterus cakes at Cake Wrecks (via a tip from the blogger at Dog Ball Hysterics).

In Feminist inside baseball, Octogalore has a post up discussing ageism surrounding the selection of a new NOW president (which is supposed to be announced today, I think). I have to say, I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth about NOW ever since they endorsed Sen. Clinton for President in March of 2007 – well before we even knew who all was running.

Racialicious is doing a workshop series on race topics, called the Racialicious Experience. An application and registration fee are required, but it looks interesting – this is a somewhat intriguing model for supporting blog-related work, to provide paid access to the blogger’s expertise in a more in-depth, personal setting.

Dispatches from Libraryland:
NCBI ROFL – funny/weird PubMed citations. Medlibs, submit your findings for potential posts. I sent one about fecal transplant via NG for c. diff, but that may be more completely disgusting than funny.

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 6, 2009 2:40 pm

    Thanks for linking to the latest post on Vegans of Color (VoC). I am one of the bloggers there. While I was disheartened by some of the comments that I felt were condescending towards the few vegan women who shared their pregnancy experiences, I also understand why some commenters were so insistent on staying vegan throughout one’s pregnancy.

    It’s often bandied about that veganism is okay–until you’re pregnant. This is simply not true. At least not when you look at the stance a mainstream organization like the American Dietetic Association has taken, which is that well-planned vegan diets are perfectly safe and even beneficial across the lifespan, including pregnancy. That, of course, doesn’t mean that pregnant women don’t have economic, social, and other barriers to remaining vegan while pregnant. That’s another story. But we simply don’t have any evidence that being vegan in and of itself is dangerous while pregnant.

    As a vegan who defended the women who spoke out on VoC about their pregnancy (most of whom also are VoC bloggers), I just want to add that I think that condescension came not out of self-righteousness but out of the fact that animals are voiceless. Many women also are voiceless and the bodies of pregnant women are policed the world over. As a feminist and a vegan, I don’t think any of these very complex issues will be easily worked out on any blog but I’m glad the discussion was broached on VoC, even though some of the comments were knee-jerk.

    • July 6, 2009 3:31 pm

      Thanks for your comment – I think you hit on most of my concerns about the policing as it was happening in those comments, so I don’t have much to add to that!

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