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Weekly News Round-Up

June 7, 2009

As usual, there’s lots of good stuff from the past week at Our Bodies Our Blog. 😉

Ms. Magazine reminds us of this 2004 essay, “Between a Woman and Her Doctor
A Story About Abortion You Will Never Forget

IAmDrTiller has some more posts up now.

There are still some vigils to occur, check out the lists at Blog for Choice and Feministing.

NARAL Pro-Choice America has set up, in which you can sign your name on in memoriam, as well as a form to use to send notes of condolence to Dr. Tiller’s staff.

A Heartbreaking Choice has stories from women who needed to seek out Dr. Tiller for late term abortions.

RH Reality Check has a ton of relevant posts on Tiller and abortion.

The National Partnership for Women and Families also has links to lots of commentary.

What the?!? Bird of Paradox writes of the “Fifth trans woman shot in Memphis since 2006.”

MADRE is now on Twitter.

Tweets of the week:
@mycropht Meetup is the unlubricated condom of social media. Dry, hard to use and even harder to get out of.
@onefinebreeder people keep warning me about these “crazy” Dyson attachments. like I’m going to open it and a bunch of Japanese dildos will fall out.

Renee as usual has links to good stuff in her Drop it Like it’s Hot round-up.

There’s a new issue of the AHRQ Research Activities newsletter out, with summaries of several topics in women’s and minority health.

Sheril has an update on blogs participating in the Silence is the Enemy on rape as a weapon of war. Go on over to help raise funds through your blog clicks (or otherwise participate).

The FDA launched a transparency task force and related blog.

Newsweek on why you shouldn’t rely on Oprah for your health advice or information.

Learned about TrueChild this week, a that “imagines a world where boys and girls are free from stereotypes so they can learn, grow, and reach their full potential,” with a goal to “improve children’s culture by a) holding media accountable, b) providing parents with information, and working with content providers to improve children’s culture.” As a non-parent, I’d be interested in getting responses from the parents among you.

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. snikta permalink
    June 8, 2009 7:55 am

    On True Child- I don’t have time right now to look much, but just glancing at the homepage and one other makes me want to read every word. I despise the fact that nearly every product aimed at young girls is pink and sparkly and gives me diabetes just looking at it.

    I want to explore the site in detail, then give you my thoughts.

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