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Weekly News Round-Up

April 26, 2009

Assorted links that caught my attention this week:

Swine flu information from the CDC. CDCemergency is tweeting info and resources, and a Twitter search for “porcina” picks up a lot of Spanish-language discussion (there have been lots more cases in Mexico). See also the Secretary of Health site (in Spanish). Is it too early to panic?

Just a few more days to nominate your Women’s Health Heroes! Submissions due May 1.

Our Bodies Ourselves has a new Facebook page – come be a fan!

Why Accidents (The Pregnant Kind) Happen, from NPR.

1,000 Calories a Day: Officially Not Torture, from Sweet Machine at Shapely Prose

Not exactly health-related, but PBS is running a series called “We Shall Remain,” “a provocative multi-media project that establishes Native history as an essential part of American history.” I caught most of the episode on Tecumseh, and am going to try to catch up on the others.

Via B, Jay Smooth’s take on the whole Miss California/Perez Hilton/gay marriage thing, in which he makes an interesting point about the “scholarship” angle.

Target Women: Your Garden – Sarah Haskins on vulva and vagina euphemisms, and the ads that use them (warning: video starts automatically, which makes me crazy)

From my place of work, Vanderbilt Health Patient Power, “a series of webcasts that represents the patient’s point-of-view and connects you with respected Vanderbilt medical experts, inspiring patients, survivors and family members.”

Tweet of the week, from Amanda Palmer, on lube choices.

17-year-olds to have access to OTC emergency contraception.

Sebelius confirmation for HHS faces more snags – NY Times

Lots of stuff at Our Bodies Our Blog, if you missed it.

From Libraryland:
-The Tennessee Library Association has added “Helping Library Patrons During Tough Economic Times” to their site – “some links that can help patrons understand current economic initiatives and give them tips on how to tighten their pursestrings.”
-I really, really hope a Tennessee library applies for and gets this traveling exhibit, because I want to see it! – Harry Potter’s World: Renaissance Science, Magic and Medicine.
Griffey is saving links on the UTC library flashmob that ended up with police/arrests/mace.
-Cloud of the most popular searches of consumer health site MedlinePlus, in English and in Spanish.

The Tennessee Files:
-There has been some brouhaha this week over this, a video purporting to show a Memphis Planned Parenthood worker instructing a client (it’s really Lila Rose) to lie about her boyfriend’s age. B notes that it’s clearly heavily edited with no real establishing shots, and there’s further discussion here. Our Lieutenant Governor had this to say (emphasis added): “Whether it was fictitious or not, I think it just shows the slant that Planned Parenthood and their employees have, and the bias that they have, toward guiding someone to have an abortion.”
-There are also efforts in the state to divert family planning funds away from Planned Parenthood.

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