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Renee & Monica’s Interview with Women from Magdalene/Thistle Farms

April 22, 2009

I did a post on Thistle Farms just recently, and you can go to their site to learn more – in short, Magdalene provides residential support for women trying to get out of prostitution and/or drug abuse, and Thistle Farms is a small bath/body product business that those same women work for, with the sale of the products supporting Magdalene. Renee of Womanist Musings and Monica did this awesome interview with a couple of women from Magdalene/Thistle Farms, which you can listen to here.

There’s a point in the broadcast in which I might possibly have teared up. a little. shut up.

There’s also an uncomfortable and worthwhile bit in the middle on the question of whether transgender women would be welcomed at Magdalene.

Something I learned from the show: they currently have a one year waiting list, because they have a limited number of beds in their residential facility. They also depend heavily on donations, and indicate that those who want to help can do so through monetary gifts of by purchasing products from Thistle Farms. The Thistle Farms products, in addition to being sold online, are available in a number of stores around the country.

Finally, the Thistle Farms blog, “The Voices of Thistle Farms,” launched on March 22. Check it out.

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  1. April 23, 2009 7:28 pm

    Hi Rachel. I work for Thistle Farms and Magdalene and wanted to thank you for writing about us here. Just wanted to comment on the ‘awkward’ moment in the Womanist Musing interview. Moments like that are a reminder that we have so much to learn! We are a community that desires to understand how to love and serve each other better – unconditionally and without judgment. At this point we haven’t had anyone who specifically identified as transgender, and I know Sheila, our Asst. Resident Manager (and a graduate), said she was just a bit thrown by the term and the question. But it was good and helpful. We are continually being challenged and humbled by this work – and are so grateful for that. Whatever are the needs of the women we serve, we are committed to helping them find a way to health and healing. So we just try to stay open and know that the women, and Love, will show us the way. With gratitude – marlei

  2. April 23, 2009 8:03 pm

    Marlei – Thank you for taking the time to comment, and the consideration shown for the question raised in the interview. From listening to the interview and your comment here, I have every reason to believe that you all would be welcoming and helpful to any woman who seeks you out. Thank you for your good attitudes and the vital work you are doing.

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