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Dispatches from Libraryland

April 4, 2009

Over the past two days, two of my colleagues and I were hosted by the Maryland Association of Health Sciences Librarians (MAHSL) to teach a course for librarians on building knowledge of clinical medical topics. Thanks to our hosts – especially Sally Rutherford and Debbie Thomas – for their hospitality and organizing the course!

Just a few notes from our trip:

  • This time, I did not trip over the sidewalks in the Inner Harbor.
  • The course was taught at the University of Maryland’s Health Sciences and Human Services Library, which is really a lovely facility with a truly intimidating staircase.
  • There were 17 people in the room for the class, including we 3 instructors, and 4 of us (23.5%) were Pitt people. There was some discussion that we need Ellen-related buttons prior to MLA, and that it might be amusing to do an infectious disease contact tracing-type exercise to track Ellen’s former advisees around the world. 😉
  • Slides from the class are available at SlideShare for anybody to view. We had a little trouble uploading one set of slides but will fix it later. We have violated all current best practices for presentation rules by having lots and lots of text on each slide – nobody fell asleep or was mortally wounded by this, and it would have been really difficult to avoid.
  • Had a chance to chat in person with Meredith Solomon after the course, who I generally only see as a small square headshot on various social networking sites.
  • Dropped in on the Pratt Street Ale House after all the work was done and had an Oliver Amber Ale, which was quite good and well-deserved on a Friday afternoon. I gather the bar has been a bit of a touchy subject with loyalists to the Wharf Rat that was previously in the location.
  • Via an acquaintance of one of my fellow instructors (both of them current NLM Associate Fellows), I learned of “My Own Country: A Doctor’s Story,” a book about the early days of HIV/AIDS in Johnson City, Tennessee, up the road from where I grew up, and have added it to my to-read list.
  • Someone threw up on the plane on the return flight. Two rows ahead of me. That is not a good smell in an enclosed environment.

Added: Oh, and I got to try one of the Dyson Airblade hand dryers for the first time, and it actually worked, not causing me to need to additionally dry my hands on my pants. I think the product should be reworked into the world’s best hairdryer.

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  1. April 4, 2009 12:36 pm

    i love that staircase! glad you all did good deeds 🙂

  2. Ellen Detlefsen permalink
    April 4, 2009 9:56 pm

    Good grief! To be compared to an infectious disease? truly a remarkable accomplishment…..

    peace and love (as we said in the 60s), Ellen!

    PS: I think you’ll find Arbarham Verghese’s My Own Country to be a very interesting book! I certainly found it fascinating….he has a couple of others that I have read with interest, as well.

    • April 4, 2009 10:34 pm

      Ha, Ellen, it really was much more positive than it could possibly sound! 😉

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