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Online Commenting Open on Rescinding the “Conscience” Rule

March 11, 2009 now has the proposed rule to the rescind Bush administration’s last minute “conscience” rule here. It’s all ready to receive your online submissions of public comments, which are due by April 9, 2009. To comment online, click on the little yellow “speech bubble” beside the text, “Add Comments.” You can view the entire proposed rule by clicking on the html or PDF icons beside “Views.”

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  1. MomTFH permalink
    March 17, 2009 8:41 am

    Here is the text of my comment:

    This comment is in regards to the rescission proposal.
    I am a medical student, a future ob/gyn, a mother, and a concerned citizen. I think there was no current need for the new conscience clause ruling. The former HHS secretary, Mike Leavitt, purposefully mischaracterized the state of licensing for ob/gyns in order to forward a political ideology. The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology publicly demanded that the HHS show even one case of discrimination against a practitioner who exercised his or her right to refuse to participate in an abortion, and Secretary Leavitt was unable to produce even a single example.

    The Obama administration states that it is committed to changing the unfortunate recent history of overlooking science and truth in order to advance political ideology in health policy. In fact, most of these decisions have been based on opinions that only represent a minority ideological belief of the citizenry. The rescission of this ruling is imperative to reestablish faith in our national health policy.

    The current conscience legislation is already too overreaching. I am concerned that requiring health care entities to pre-certify that they do not discriminate in hiring, specific to conscience refusal, will hamper the ability of certain organizations to fulfill their mission statements. For example, in my high risk area, South Florida, the Department of Health has family planning clinics established and funded for the sole purpose of providing birth control to the underserved. With the climate encouraged by this recent legislation, it is entirely plausible that these facilities would be forced to hire employees that are opposed to birth control.

    In fact, some sections of the rule do not refer to abortion at all, and could be construed to apply to any practice that a potential employee finds unethical. Birth control is not abortion according to medical definitions of pregnancy and the mehod sof action of birth control, but many extremists see forms of birth control as abortion, and the law caters to such a worldview. How long until observant Christian Scientists are applying for jobs at surgery centers with the intent of obstructing surgical procedures? It seems like this rule is likely to increase costly lawsuits. It also seems like health care entities will be almost forced to hire employees that will expressly NOT fulfill their job duties in order to avoid such lawsuits. Where is the pressing need to increase such lawsuits? In actuality, there is a pressing need for more abortion providers and more contraception access, not less. There is a pressing need to reduce health costs, not increase them. There is a need to increase common ground, not accentuate difference and encourage uncooperation when there is already more than adequate provisions protecting conscientious objection in health care.

  2. MomTFH permalink
    March 17, 2009 8:43 am

    Shoot! I found typos. Well, I fixed them on my blog, but the HHS has two typos from me. Dang, I swear I read that thing 20 times.

  3. March 17, 2009 6:19 pm

    Great comment. When I get two seconds to collect my thoughts, I need to write mine and will post. 😉


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