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Weekly News Round-Up

March 8, 2009

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Healthcare Equality Index – “a joint project of GLMA and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. The HEI provides a quality indicator for healthcare related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, beginning with the hospital industry. The survey focuses on specific hospital policies in several areas: patient non-discrimination, hospital visitation, decision making, cultural competency training for hospital staff, and hospital employment policies.”

Trans@MIT: Allies Toolkit: action tips, guidance on language, recommended viewing, and other tools.

AMSA PharmaFree Scorecard on conflict of interest policies at academic medical centers – if you get health care at an academic medical center, see how they score on taking pharma money and disclosing it

Sunshine State Keeps Teens in the Dark – from RHRealityCheck, on sex ed in Florida.

Lots more links and info at Our Bodies Our Blog, including C’s political diagnosis.

Renee at Womanist Musings also has a great round-up of links. She also has a recent post, Black Women Get Beat By The Police Too, that includes video that will hurt your heart.
[On a related note, I should write a post some time about how I got booted from jury duty selection for answering “yes” to the question about whether I’d ever had a bad experience with police, and how I think questions like that and the attendant booting of potential jurors make for an unfair environment for the accused.]

From the CDC, Hepatitis C Virus Transmission at an Outpatient Hemodialysis Unit, which is disgusting and appalling. Although the CDC report doesn’t seem to name them, news reports indicate it was the Life Care Dialysis Center in Manhattan.

I’m sorry, librarians, but the Allied Media Conference sounds so much cooler than our gatherings. I want to go!

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health has released the Latinas for Justice Civic Participation Guide [PDF]

Gupta withdrew from consideration for Surgeon General

I can’t remember where I first saw the link to this, so I’m sorry I can’t credit appropriately, but I most recently found it via no snow here. “It” being this piece at Mamita Mala, Porque No Somos Rihanna. Just go read it.

There’s a new Asian Women Blog Carnival in the works, and health and sexuality are just two among many topics submissions can encompass.

There was a health care summit reform summit, but I couldn’t get two of the breakout session feeds to stream at the time, and I can’t find them all archived online. Help?

Unrelated to health stuff, Harlow’s Monkey has a good review of a book I read recently, Culture Keeping: White Mothers, International Adoption and the Negotiation of Family Difference. The book itself was published by the university press at my place of work.

The Tennessee Files
Related to that coal ash disaster: Harassment of United Mountain Defense volunteers escalates and UMD Volunteer taken to Roane County Jail

The Business of Birthing in the United States – event at Vanderbilt, Tuesday, March 10th: 6-8pm at Sarratt Cinema. I’m going to try to be there.

Rep. Zach Wamp was full of clarity when he said: “Listen, health care is a privilege.”

MSNBC Anchor Tamron Hall interjected. “It’s a privilege? Health care? If you have cancer right now, do you see it as a privilege to get some treatment?” she asked.

“I was just about to finish to say, that for some people it’s a right,” Wamp said, “but for everyone, frankly, it’s not necessarily a right. Some people choose not to pay.”

Southern Beale, a fellow TN resident, offers the reaction. Lots of comments over at Post Politics, too.

Via Dru’s Vues, a message from the Tennessee Women’s Political Caucus with info that:

the House Health Committee Chairman, Rep. Joe Armstrong, scheduled a public hearing for next Wednesday due to the large number of “reproductive health” bills filed in 2009. Chairman Armstrong has asked to hear from both supporters and opponents of these bills. The hearing will begin on Wednesday, March 11, at 3:00 p.m. in room 16 at the Legislative Plaza.


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