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Scarleteen Needs Your Help

February 18, 2009

If you’re not familiar with Scarleteen, it focuses on young adult sexuality and is an excellent and frank resource on topics of sex that young people need accurate information about. I’m sharing this fundraising call because Scarleteen (and the companion book S.E.X.) is the resource I wish I’d had as a teenager.

Scarleteen currently has a donation matching offer going on, wherein from February 14th through March 15th, one of their regular donors has agreed match the donations up to $350 per donor, and/or up to $3,000 total. If you’ve considered donating, now is a particularly effective time to do so because of the matching funds.

Here are some specific goals Scarleteen has for any donations raised, in their words:
* Creating and distributing outreach print materials for schools, clinics and community groups, based on content like our popular Sex Readiness Checklist, our anatomy articles, and our pieces on abuse, gender identity and sexual orientation.
* Providing our volunteer staff extra training. In the next year, we’d like to get a few of our staff trained or certified in either or both pregnancy options counseling and/or basic sex education.
* Stipends for some of our volunteer writers and columnists, which will both sustain a quality of content and allow us to keep up with the frequency of updates we have had in the last year. Paying writers also can nurture a greater diversity of voice and content.
* Maintaining a part-time freelance developer to help us best manage and maintain the site for optimum useability.
* A part-time, in-person assistant for myself [Heather Corinna] as director.

Check out the donation page.

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