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On VBACs and “Elective” Repeat C-Sections

February 4, 2009

The blogger at Mom’s Tinfoil Hat has an account of some of what she heard and was told regarding VBACs and repeat c-sections during her time in midwife training and now in medical school.

I’m particularly disturbed by the allegation that someone on her state’s Maternal Mortality Task Force explained that “he tried to convince his patients by extolling benefits of cesarean section, including ‘your mom can arrange to be there.’ He told us that he preferred it because ‘twenty minutes, the baby is at the mom’s breast, and I get to go home, instead of waiting for twenty hours of labor.'”

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  1. MomTFH permalink
    February 4, 2009 9:11 am

    Thanks for the link love.

    Even more ironically, I went to the Pregnancy Associated Mortality Review last night to gather information for my research project, and right in the list of risk factors for pregnancy related mortality is “cesarean section”. I understand that women who get cesareans arguably are sicker women, (although, with cesarean rates in Florida topping 30%, I doubt 1 in 3 women here are all that sick) but the complications these women died from were associated with the surgery (like pulmonary embolism), not underlying conditions that would indicate a need for cesarean section.

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