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News Round-Up

January 18, 2009

All the content from HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt’s blog has been removed, with the note that “The Secretary’s Blog will be available soon as a historical record in the HHS Archive.” Here’s hoping that archive includes all the posts that blatantly misrepresented the “conscience” issue, especially the dodging of birth control concerns, the comments, and the licensing issue. Because it would be a shame if Leavitt’s misleading and erroneous claims were disappeared.

Check out the Amplify site, “a project of Advocates for Youth, is an online community dedicated to sexual health, reproductive justice, and youth-led grassroots movement building.”

I Heart Guts is recalling their plush uterus because the ovaries may be pulled off and present a choking hazard for small children. I remain mystified as to who might have been buying plush uteri for children. The I Heart Guts blog indicates that they’ll still make it available to adults. [hat tip to Dale]

Womanist Musings on the false dichotomy of abortion vs. femicide.

Seven states are suing over the recently enacted “conscience” rule out of HHS. RHRC also has some discussion of lawsuits from organizations.

UNICEF reports on global teen pregnancy – “Every year, 70,000 women between the ages of 15 and 19 die in childbirth or from pregnancy complications.”

The American Life League gets all bent out of shape about Krispy Kreme offering free inaugural doughnuts. Krispy Kreme’s pr material used the phrase “freedom of choice” (as in, we get to vote and choose our leaders), and the ALL somehow decided that KK was celebrating abortion. There’s nothing to say in the face of such absurdity, except “omgwtfbbq.”

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